YouTube Adds Vuvuzelator Button

Mindful of the fact that most of the attention of the world are focused on the World Cup Soccer, discreetly YouTube added a button that simulates the sweet (huh?) Sound of South African vuvuzelas in your player, which break It allows a touch more football the most diverse subjects.

Identified by an icon in the shape of a small soccer ball to the right of your player, the news made ??its first appearance on the night of Wednesday, when he appeared and then disappeared then to a small group of users, as claimed by some comments left on Twitter.

Arriving a little joke, by the time the team responsible for developing the video site made no mention of the news on his official blog.

In any case, a warning: despite being a tribute to the horn used in games football if you are distracted the sound can also look a lot like the engine of a Formula 1 car only warning.