Xing-Ling Tablet. Would You Buy It?

Well, so far I’ve written numerous articles on tablets from major manufacturers:Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Amazon, HTC.

But why not also consider Xing-Lings tablets?

First let’s explain what Xing-Ling is: a derogatory way of referring to cheap products from China.

But it also represents a battle between the giants of the computer industry (read Americans), worried about competition so strong and may represent a drop in sales.

This has already happened when the first motherboards manufactured in China began to arrive in the Brazilian market, some 10 years ago.

They were said to be bad, they used inferior material, they were outdated.Today we can see that it was not like that.The first-class Chinese plates proved to be of excellent quality.

Want to take a test?Go to a Shooping Class A computer store and see if they are not selling “made in China” boards.

It is worth remembering that Apple’s main partner is a Chinese company: Foxconn.And that one of the biggest manufacturers of laptops is another Chinese: Lenovo.

But before you buy a Chinese tablet you need to research.The cheapest ones are in the $ 100 range.Are bad?You can not say without analyzing the manufacturer and the settings.

An “iPad” that runs Windows

Chinese “capitalism” also holds us strange things, like Teso, an iPad clone.

This kind of concession from the Chinese government to some of its manufacturers detonates the image of China’s serious businesses.

The most ironic in this story is that Teso is a pretty interesting tablet, and has even some features superior to the iPad, such as a 1.3 pixel camera, two USB ports and 2GB memory.

But marketing an “iPad” that runs Windows there is already too much.

That’s not to say that all Chinese tablets do not pay.They are not the iPad.It would be like comparing a Fiat Palio to a Honda Civic.

Eken, for example, is a high-tech company with a full line of tablets.And it’s not a yard fund company no;Its tablet production capacity is 1.2 million units.