Xiaomi My One Thing Peta: 150,000 Units Sold in Less Than 13 Minutes

When we talk about movieles best selling insurance to think most mobile range high or more modest models that have penetrated very well among consumers for its low price. We could mention a few, and I am convinced that we would agree with many models, however there is a terminal that we do not include in the list: the Xiaomi my One.

With a unique distribution model, the company only sells it in packages of a certain amount, Xiaomi has announced that it has managed to sell 150,000 MI One in 12 minutes and 41 seconds, a figure of considerable if we also take into account that this manufacturer aims high.

The phone many already know you: processor dual core from 1, 5 GHz, 1GB RAM, 8 megapixel camera, and a 1930 mAh battery. Our colleagues at Engadget had the opportunity to analyze it and the terminal is an interesting option in comparison generic lipitor 10mg price with other models of input as the Galaxy Ace, Xperia Neo V and company. Must not forget that its price is around 250 euros.

Although the figure is good, 150,000 telephones in 13 minutes is a lot, take it with tweezers. First, taking into account that the distribution model is based on selling packages of terminals to a group of users (joint purchases in forums are fairly common) is normal that peaks of orders may occur and which sell so many.

Second, it would be interesting see what this would do it with another type of distribution where sold are in units, whether it’s online as it has become to return to Google with the Galaxy Nexus, or through physical stores. Do not subtract value, on the contrary, it seems to me that they are very good figures; But if I they were with perspective taking into account how they have succeeded.