Wolfgang See, Austria

Wolfgang See, Austria

According to Zipcodesexplorer, Wolfgang See is a mountain lake among the gentle slopes of the Salzkammergut, covered with forests. The lake is stylized as an antique steamer “Kaiser Franz Josef I”, as well as a modern boat “Wolfgang-Amadeus”. Many tourists who come on an excursion to St. Wolfgang take a boat trip to St. Gilgen. There is a wonderful fish restaurant next to the pier.

A boat trip along the route St. Gilgen – St. Wolfgang will take 45 minutes (adult ticket ~ 7-8 EUR), sailing from St. Gilgen to Strobl will last 1 hour 15 minutes (adult ticket ~ 8-10 EUR), and from Sant -Wolfgang to Strobl – half an hour (adult ticket ~ 5-6 EUR).

How to get there

Flight to Vienna or Munich, then an internal flight or train transfer to Salzburg, and from Salzburg – either by taxi or by rental car to the selected resort.

Rest on the lakes is almost always a multiple of a week, since few hotels confirm accommodation on “crooked” dates, that is, not from Saturday to Saturday, therefore it is more convenient to fly from Moscow only on Saturdays.

The main resorts of Wolfgang See

St. Wolfgang

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Here is the famous Gothic cathedral with a no less famous altar of the 15th century. On the steep streets of the town there are many shops with a huge selection of Austrian national clothes for children and adults. Local Benedictine monks sculpt amusing soap figures at their leisure. Soap flowers, animals, fruits, little men are very original souvenirs. Here you can calmly relax by the water, ride a boat, climb the mountains by cable car, take walks along the winding mountain paths.


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Those who want to enjoy peace and at the same time learn something new love to relax in this town. For example, visit the house where Mozart’s mother was born, baroque cathedrals, climb to a height of 1521 meters on the lift, from where a magnificent view of the Alps opens.


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This resort is located on the eastern shore of the lake and boasts the best beaches in the entire Salzkammergut. There is a funicular to the Zwelferhorn and Schafberg mountain peaks, many cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, and, of course, plenty of opportunities for water sports.

bad Ischl

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The cultural and geographical center of the Salzkammergut region, 50 km east of Salzburg, on the banks of two rivers: Traun and Ischl. Bad Ischl became popular after the successful stay of the ruling Habsburg family, Archduke Charles and Princess Sophia, here. Medical procedures solved their problem of childlessness “in excess” – as many as three sons were born. Composers Johann Strauss and Ilmar Kalman, Romy Schneider, Helmutt Kohl, Karl Lagerfeld, Nikita Khrushchev and many other notorious personalities have been here.

The city has a spa clinic, numerous boarding houses and a rehabilitation center.

The beaches of Wolfgang See

There are no beaches in the usual sense on the lakes. Most often, these are soft grassy lawns with an entrance to the water along wooden piers.


Wolfgang See hotels do not always correspond to their category. As a rule, they belong to families, hence the especially hospitable attitude towards tourists with children. Most of the hotels are located on the coast and have their own beaches. If the hotel has its own beach, then most often sunbeds and umbrellas on it are provided free of charge, but if the beach is municipal, then the entrance to it will be paid (from 5 EUR). In hotels, food is usually half board, breakfast is a buffet, dinner is a la carte, in private boarding houses – breakfast only. The quality of the buffet depends on the level of the hotel: the higher it is, the closer the buffet is to the concept of a “buffet”. Most hotels have restaurants, bars, gyms, saunas, many with swimming pools.

Entertainment and attractions

In St. Wolfgang, it is worth visiting the famous Gothic cathedral with its no less famous altars of the 15th century, the Europa Fountain and the Pilgrim Fountain, the Puppet Museum and the famous Weisses-Ressl Hotel. On the steep streets of the town there are many shops with a huge selection of Austrian national clothes for children and adults. In the city, at the foot of the Zwölferhorn, is the house where Mozart’s mother was born. And not far from Strobl is one of the most beautiful mountain plateaus of the Eastern Alps, Postalm.

The Schafbergbahn deserves special attention – the coolest (in the literal sense) steam cog railway in Austria. It has been operating since 1893 and leads from St. Wolfgang to the Schafberg mountain, passing almost 6 km in 40 minutes and gaining a height of 1190 m. The steam locomotives serving it are among the oldest in the world.

The Puppet Museum and the famous Weisses-Ressl Hotel in St. Wolfgang, the Zwölferhorn mountain in St. Gilgen and one of the most beautiful mountain plateaus of the Eastern Alps – Postalm near Strobl.

Operetta festival in July-August, holidays of folk, classical, jazz music, jousting tournaments, concerts. 25 tennis courts and halls, golf course, equestrian and ski sports, fishing, hiking trails, cycling, riding arena, golf park, outdoor ice rink.

Wolfgang See, Austria

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