WIKO Cink Five, Analysis

The market is certainly saturated with options to choose from when buying a smartphone. Within each range, there is an often incomprehensible offer for those who need a solvent phone given a fixed budget.

Chinese alternatives are a real and growing option. Every time we have more and better manufacturers landing in Europe, strong in quality to price stakes. It is the case of Wiko and its Cink Five, a worthy of note 5 inch phone.

Doing a quick review of your specifications, we have a panel IPS screen HD (720 p), moved by a quad-core processor 1.2 GHz with 1GB of RAM and 4 GB of memory is internal with possibility of extension. It takes a 8 megapixel camera, has a 2000 mAh battery and runs on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean).

WIKO Cink Five, specifications
Physical dimensions 144 x 74 x 10.7 mm, 153 grams
Screen 5 inch IPS
Resolution HD 1280 x 720, 294 ppp
Processor MediaTek MTK6589 Quad Core Cortex-A7 28nm @ 1.2 GHz
Graphics processor PowerVR SGX 544
Memory 4 GB + microSD up to 32 GB
Version Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
Connectivity Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G (HSPA +, up to 42 Mbps)
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: 2 / rear: 8 Megapixel, autofocus, LED flash
Battery 2,000 mAh Li-ion battery (7.40 Wh, removable)
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Price 199 euros

WIKO Cink Five, design and display

Wiko Cink Five is, as it lets us see her name, a terminal in five inches of diagonal, that moves in the standard marked by the high end this year, although in a less tight dimensions.

Terminal is not excellent, but very comfortable. Its 10.7 mm of thickness of rear curved and Gummy touch make it perfect fall in hand, where its rounded corners help. Its 153 grams nor are few, but due to its size the overall feeling of lightness.

We are a front panel with capacitive buttons, not integrated into the system interface, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A few little outstanding side buttons they are your great first paste it into the design, as they are kept flat on the chromed frame, which makes them hard to find touch, what do we have to look at the terminal to press them until we make ourselves completely to them, something that may not happen.

Cink Five has only two ports (Jack, microUSB and 3.5 mm) on top, with the centered on the rear speaker, what is also one against. The back cover is removed, giving us access to its removable battery 2,000 MAH, to two slots SIM card full format. Another one for the microSD up to 32 GB, which will be required (not included) if we want to load content to the phone, limited to 4 GB and with ultimate access to about 2.6 GB.

The screen is sharp, but that is not everything in their how to screen, HD 720 p in 5-inch gives a 294 ppi that make us see the very sharp content, especially the text. The colors are good front, although not so much when we are inclined the terminal, where until the black more black lights and colors lose fidelity.

Another problem is found in the touch screen panel, which seems to lose sensitivity when we slide the finger, (e) it performs a push on the first point of contact. This makes that sometimes, for example, open applications or notifications that you want to discard when we’re doing scroll between desktops. Nothing serious which is solved by sliding with a well defined touch gesture, but when it occurs it is quite annoying.

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Hardware and performance

The device is equipped with a MediaTek MT6589 processor, quad-core Cortex-A7 to a maximum of 1.2 frequency GHz. These cores are designed to operate with low consumption, and are used in the Quad Core processor to achieve decent performance at a low cost, keeping consumption in check. This is why this processor is the same that can be found in much of Chinese handsets that come to this area, as the Bq Aquaris 5.

This CPU is accompanied it a graphics unit PowerVR SGX 544MP, in addition to 1GB of RAM which ensures that the system works properly at all times, and gets it. The grips are strangers and the closures forced even more, although we have encountered with some in the weeks that we have been testing the phone. Maybe a very slight customization on Android 4.1 will help in this regard.

WIKO Cink Five, performance
AnTuTu 13.294 points
Quadrant 3,920 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): 2.979 / Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 1,492
EPIC Citadel High performance: 44.2 FPS @ 1280 × 720 / High quality: 42.4 FPS @ 1280 × 720 / Ultra High quality: 21.0 FPS @ 1280 × 720
BenchmarkPI 409 milliseconds, since #12103

4 GB should have enough to install the dozens of essential applications, not for excesosOtro pretty standard in these phone lines are the 4GB of internal memory, which leaves us out of the game if you want to install a few heavy applications. Of course, it is more than enough to install dozens of essential applications, counting with up to 32GB micro SD slot if we need more.

With a 2000 mAh battery, the phone does wonders. It is capable of reaching the end of the day with a light and intermediate use, although not so much if we make extensive use of the same, being stretched to 3 hours of screen.

Like the mentioned Aquaris 5, this phone has Dual SIM possibility, provided by the processor to share. This means that We can put two SIM cards in the terminal, full format (nothing of micro and nano), allowing you to blend professional and leisure equipment. The coverage is good, as well as the quality of the call, although this I would say rather decent. The mobile data connection works from two slots for SIM, with some very high speeds HSPA + up to 42Mbps and excellent coverage.

The sound box is one of those points where he notices that we are buying a mid-range terminal. His (rear) speaker doesn’t sound neither as strong nor as clear as the other devices (which also take him back, as the Galaxy Note 2) that we have tested. The earphones included also leave much to be desired, although this is something that we can put us.

WIKO Cink Five, camera

In view of the recent high-end presentations, we see that the camera is one of the components of the phone is receiving more innovation and having more weight in the decision of buying a smartphone.

Of course, on this phone there is also room for improvement for this section, although the 8 megapixel camera (with LED flash) to the extent it meets the expectations.

WIKO Cink Five (top) vs Nexus 4

In general, we can say that the pictures are pretty passable when shooting in broad daylight the day, losing that quality and speed we need less bright situations, where everything looks like an oil painting. I leave you with a sample of images taken with this smartphone, in the form of Gallery.

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WIKO Cink Five, software

The phone works on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), version without being the last is advanced enough to say that the phone has access to virtually all applications and functions of ecosystem.

With customization very, very superficial, the phone goes like a shot where Android knows how to be light the customization is very, very superficial, leaving the hand of Google, with some minor adjustments as the possibility of choosing the color highlighted between several palpable. This helps the phone to go like a shot where Android knows how to be light.

During the several weeks that we have had the smartphone, also has been updated with minor bugfixes, so Wiko not stop it completely adrift on issue of software.

WIKO Cink Five, Xataka Android view

Wiko Cink Five has a recommended retail price of 199 euros, a fuzzy border where we started to ask certain things on the phone, at the same time we we look for something economical. It is of a balanced bet, clearly above other phones that can be found for not much less, although under the threat of other terminals of greater range, that every day are worth less.

If you are looking for a phone in this range and don’t dare with imports from the Asian giant, Cink Five is clearly an option to consider.

The phone has been granted for tests by Wiko. You can consult our policy of relations with companies


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