Why You Should Not Take Painkillers to Ease the Pain, Muscle

Sale free, easy access and reduced cost are several athletes who take painkillers for the muscle pain, but it may not be a good option. Here’s why.

Why You Should Not Take Painkillers to Ease the Pain, Muscle

The pain killers for the muscle pain, sale for free, are the most common way to alleviate this same pain and feeling of stiffness muscula however, it is thought that the analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal (Nsaids) may affect gains in muscle mass, limiting the increased protein synthesis that normally occurs after the completion of training for hypertrophy.

However, the answers are not conclusive, since there are studies that demonstrate the reduction in the level of protein synthesis after workouts, others argue that taking it for several months you can speed up the strength gains and muscle mass.


If you feel that pain irritating after a workout does not have to resort to painkillers to ease the pain of muscle, the way to reduce it or even eliminate it. This is because the protein synthesis is reduced by inhibiting the increase of muscle mass, which is totally motivating for those who train hard and not see gains.


Taking any medicine unnecessarily is not advisable, and the same happens with the painkillers.

It is clear that, if the muscle pain is severe, if there is injury or muscle strain, the intake of analgesics can be considered on medical advice.

However, when you realize that the pain that she feels is the pain typical of those who worked the muscle and/or muscle group, and do not take the initiative to take medication to relieve the pain. Do not take time to adjust your body because in an acute situation, the pain reliever will not make the effect for which it is intended, since the organism is already resistant.

Note that it takes continuous pain relief, without any advice or under the supervision of a doctor, even at the recommended dose, can lead to muscle spasms, and put the heart and kidneys at risk.


Some alternatives to taking pain killers for the muscle pain are the sports massage, ice baths to reduce swelling and enhance recovery.

Be aware of our limits is also something that we should have in consideration to avoid muscle injuries and reduce pain post-workout.

A good warmup is also crucial to prepare the muscles for that are not so prone to injuries.

Give a proper dose of protein to the body is also an alternative to taking painkillers for the muscle pain it helps the body in muscle recovery and, consequently, the to build muscle mass.