Why Vietnam?

Why Vietnam?

Or 12 reasons for your trip to Vietnam

  1. 1. Vietnam is a country with an ancient history and culture, a huge number of valuable historical monuments, a diverse landscape and 3,000 km of coastline of the rich South China Sea. The cleanest beaches with white and golden sand, with crystal clear water. The maximum level of service. For photo lovers, Vietnam is a fantasy world with its unforgettable scenery of mountainous areas, coffee plantations, beaches, Halong Bay.
  2. You can go to Vietnam all year round, the air temperature at the most popular resorts is 28 degrees all year round.
  3. The choice of hotels in Vietnam is huge. Hotels 3 * -4 * -5 * + excellent staff, kind, smiling. All ranges of entertainment from elephant riding, visits to snake restaurants, skydiving, fishing, to bowling and casinos.
  4. The cheapness of everything. The value for money for Vietnam clearly outweighs quality, including hotel service and souvenirs: items made of silk and rare wood, mother-of-pearl and silver.
  5. The cheapest diving in the world. First-class instructors and a complete diving kit cost you much less than the hyped resorts and flora, the fauna of the South China Sea with coral reefs, fabulous fish of various colors, if you’re lucky, and shells with pearls.
  6. According to our tourists, Vietnamese cuisine is the most delicious in the world. If desired, you can also taste fried frog legs and sea snails boiled with ginger, and wrap beautiful, colored shells after them in a bag, they will decorate your favorite place in your house.
  7. In Vietnam, Russians are treated differently. For the Vietnamese, the Russians are still great friends.
  8. In Vietnam, you can not only have a good rest, but also cure various diseases using the methods of oriental medicine. The famous natural springs of warm mineral water (water temperature 40 degrees) with excellent healing properties of Binchau are waiting for you all year round.
  9. Exotic Asia and Buddhism, what people are looking for in Japan, China, India, Thailand… You will find in Vietnam in abundance.
  10. On the way to Vietnam, you can stop for two days in Bangkok (Thailand) and see two countries in one trip.
  11. Vietnam is considered the safest tourist destination in Southeast Asia.
  12. You have traveled all over the world and now you want something unusual, where you could not only have a good rest, but also get a lot of new impressions. Or maybe you just love the exotic? Just love the East?

With us you will see the rocks of Ha Long, lakes and waterfalls of mountainous Vietnam, the golden beaches of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. Taste exotic Vietnamese cuisine, discover untouched islands and the underwater world of the South China Sea.

With us you will go to the past of Royal Vietnam, visit the imperial gardens and ancient tombs, visit Buddhist temples.

All year round, hospitable world-class hotels, experienced Russian-speaking guides are waiting for you, ready to reveal to you the secrets of the magical world on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Every year Vietnam is visited by 2 million tourists from Japan, France, Germany, America and China.

Official name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Geographical position: Southeast Asia.
Area: 330.3 thousand square meters km.
Highest point: 3143 m (Mount Fansipan).
Main river: Hongha.
Population: 79.9 million people
Population density: 235.7 people per sq. km.
Official language: Vietnamese.
Main religion: Buddhism.
Capital: Hanoi (2.7 million people). Major cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, Da Nang. Monetary unit: dong.

Capital of Vietnam

According to topschoolsintheusa, Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This beautiful green city is a real shrine for all Vietnamese and is the center of politics, economy, culture and trade of the whole country.
Length : 921 sq km
Population: 3,007,000
Administrative divisions :
– Districts: Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, Tay Ho, Thanh Xuan, Cau Giay, Long Bien, Hoang Mai
Ethnic groups : Vietnamese, Chinese.


The monetary unit of Vietnam is dong, equal to 10 hao and 100 sous.

In circulation are banknotes of the series, the release of which began in 1985, in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100 000 dong. All denominations, starting from 50 dong, are issued in several modifications, all denominations, starting from 20 dong, are decorated with a portrait of Ho Chi Minh. The new banknotes have a fundamental difference from all previously issued ones: they are made on a polymer basis and have a set of anti-counterfeiting features typical for such banknotes. The largest denomination in the series will be 500,000 VND.

The portrait of Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) is placed on the right side of the front side of the polymer banknote of 50,000 dong (2004 series), 140 x 65 mm in size, and the state emblem is on the left. The reverse side of the banknote depicts a pagoda in the park. The transparent window on the banknote has a portrait of Ho Chi Minh and the letters VN. The main colors used in the design of the banknote are lilac, red and violet.

Why Vietnam

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