Vietnam in November

Vietnam in November

Travel destinations and travel itineraries expand their boundaries every year, offering amazing places. Vietnam is one of the few Asian countries that can offer tours for every taste in the last month of autumn. Therefore, in order to choose where it is better to go to Vietnam in November, it is important to understand what you expect from the trip.

We have studied the reviews about this incredible country and offer an overview of popular cities in Vietnam, where it is better to relax on the beach in November, and where hiking in the mountains will become a vivid memory of a lifetime.

Is it worth going in November?

A trip to Vietnam in late autumn will be a great cultural discovery even for those who have been here before. An extensive recreation program will help you plan a route where to go to Vietnam in November. You can:

  1. touch the wild and see real life in a typical fishing village;
  2. go on excursions to temples and ancient sights;
  3. see ancient outlandish buildings and castles;
  4. attend holidays and festivals.

To appreciate the natural scenery, framed by the majestic snowy peaks, it is worth noting the mountainous regions. On the eve of winter, people come here to improve their health at the thermal springs. The southern coast, where it is better to relax in Vietnam in November at sea, will delight you with sunbathing on comfortable sandy beaches.

Weather: air and sea water temperature

The weather in Vietnam in November defines the boundaries of individual zones of the coast of the South China Sea, where it is comfortable to relax, and where it is better to postpone travel. The level of precipitation and high air temperature here do not depend on the time of year.

The beginning of November in the south of Vietnam is a paradise for beach lovers. The air temperature reaches 35ºС. The tourist season is just beginning here, but the sea is already quite well warmed up. From mid-October to early November, a cyclone of rains and typhoons passes in the central part.

Resorts: where to go?

The resorts of Vietnam offer tourists a pleasant vacation by the sea, original research routes, colorful holidays and unusual cuisine, exotic seasonal fruits and hundreds of unforgettable experiences. Local architecture and cultural customs involve a real adventure, and walks along the ancient streets and bazaars will slightly open the curtain of ancient mysteries and secrets.


Unusual exotic nature in Dalat is closely intertwined with local customs and culture. It will be interesting here not only for those who are used to mountain hikes to waterfalls, but also for lovers of beautiful parks and unique landscapes.

We recommend visiting the famous Hang Nga Museum Hotel, made in an outlandish form, the summer palace of the last emperor Bao Dai. Surrounded by lush colors of flowers and plants, a huge statue of the Golden Buddha rises on the mountain.


Da Nang in November is a place for brave tourists, real adventurers. At this time, a calm beach holiday is replaced by numerous rains, the sea is restless, muddy with large waves. Despite the special weather conditions, Da Nang attracts tourists with excellent service and comfortable hotels. The cost of rest is high, but justified.

Nha Trang

Nyachag is perfect for families with children. The local amusement park Winpearl is the largest in all of Asia. The variety and quality of attractions is not inferior to Disneyland in August in Paris. For adults, the resort also has many interesting offers: you can go surfing, ride an elephant, visit monkey island or Neptune’s palace.

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet can offer you to swim in the warm sea, take a break from the bustle of the city. The cost of tours to this small resort town is low, there are relatively few tourists. This is a great place for those who are looking for “recharging” for the body – sunbathing, soft sand and calm nature with a light rustle of waves will help you relax.

Phu Quoc

The tropical island of Phu Quoc in November is famous for the best beaches. Rest here will be many times cheaper than on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand in November, when it is better to relax in Thailand. This area is well suited for exploring the real, untouched culture of the Vietnamese. We recommend heading to the floating village of Rush Vem to feel the color and taste the local cuisine made from fresh seafood.

Things to do in Vietnam

In November, where you can go not only for a carefree beach holiday, but also amazing excursions and tours, feel free to go with the whole family. In attractive tropical surroundings, you can visit ancient temples, parks and natural mineral springs, go surfing or spend an unforgettable weekend in the largest amusement park in Asia.

Beach holiday

For a quiet and carefree beach holiday, we recommend the islands in the south of Vietnam, where you can go to the sea in late October or early November inexpensively. Rush Vem Beach is one of the most popular destinations and will be remembered for its azure waters, white sand and of course beautiful red starfish. Beaches in Halong Bay, Long Beach and Bai Sao are also comfortably equipped.

Entertainment and excursions

Vietnam offers unusual excursions and tours for guests of the country:

  1. to a snake or crocodile farm;
  2. kayaking in the caves of Halong Bay;
  3. to a pearl farm;
  4. to ancient temples and museums of history.

You will be able to see the wild tropical nature, feel the cheerful energy of the locals in small fishing villages. Large cities, in turn, will surprise you with a developed tourist infrastructure and high service in hotels.

Holidays and festivals

According to topschoolsintheusa, there are few holidays in November in Vietnam. We invite you to visit Ok Om Bok festival. Here you will be able to see the grandiose action when the fishermen ask the gods of the sea to increase their catch. In such an environment, it is easy to feel the culture and traditions of the locals.

Vietnam in November

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