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The Black Friday in the United States a long time ago. The date always happens on the fourth Friday in November, shortly after the American Thanksgiving holiday. There, the date is absolute sales success, since the shops make aggressive discounts to sell too. The Black Friday starts the better shopping period for retailers, Christmas. Many people take advantage of to ensure the end-of-year gifts in Black Friday.

In Brazil, the date has been brought and it started happening in 2010. Since then, every year, on the fourth Friday in November, Black Friday. In principle, discounts happen only in virtual stores, but today the whole retail”embraced” this date and began offering interesting discounts to consumers.

In 2013, the first Black Friday Underwear Store, and was an absolute success. Several items were put on sale and the sale was higher than expected. Delivery times were also observed, and our customers were very happy.

In this year of 2014, our”Black Friday in my underwear” will be expanded also to stockings and swimwear, providing our customers more offers and more products on sale. The Black Friday Underwear Store will follow the normal calendar of Black Friday and will take place on the very day 28 November 2014.

If you did not participate in the Black Friday Underwear Store 2013, be sure to participate this year. Our discounts are real, nothing to raise prices to then give discounts. OUR DISCOUNTS are worth and our customers know it.

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