US 6 in Indiana

US 6 in Indiana


US 6
Get started Hammond
End Butler
Length 152 mi
Length 245 km
  • Illinois
  • Hammond
  • Munster
  • Gary
  • Portage
  • Westville
  • Tracy
  • La Pazu
  • Nappanee
  • Logonier
  • Kendallville
  • Waterloo
  • Butler
  • Ohio

According to allcitycodes, US 6 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state. It runs from Hammond on the Illinois border to the Ohio border at Butler and has a primary secondary function due to its proximity to the parallel Interstate 80 / Interstate 90 and the 2×2 US 30. The road is 245 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 6 near Kendallville in eastern Indiana.

In the Chicago suburb of Hammond, US 6 in Illinois joins Interstate 80 and Interstate 94 over the Indiana border. Between Exit 1 and Exit 2, the US 41 also runs on the route. Hammond is an industrial suburb of 83,000 inhabitants without a real center. State Route 912 begins on the east side of the city and runs as a highway through the industries of East Chicago. You then pass through Gary, the largest Chicago suburb in Indiana with 103,000 residents. Interstate 65 is crossed here from Indianapoliscoming. On the east side of Gary, just before I-80 and I-94 interchange, US 6 exits for a parallel route east. One continues through Lake Station and Hobart, after which one leaves the metropolitan area of ​​Chicago.

US 6 then leads in 1×2 lanes through a rural area with endless meadows and little forest. The relief is no more than sloping. In Westville, one crosses US 421, the road from Michigan City to Lafayette in the south. US 6 jumps south twice here, a second time at Kingsford Heights when it crosses US 35, the road from Michigan City to Logansport. US 6 then runs 15 miles north of the more important 2×2 US 30 and 30 miles south of the Indiana Toll Road. At the village of Lapaz you cross US 31, the 2×2 highway from South Bend to Indianapolis in the south.

You then pass a few large villages and the landscape is quite monotonous. There are numerous intersections with State Routes, usually every 3 miles. Around the village of Ligonier follows a short double numbering with US 33, a main road from Elkhart to Fort Wayne. At the town of Kendallville, a junction with SR-3 follows a 2×2 main road to Fort Wayne. Not much further is the connection with Interstate 69, the highway from Indianapolis and Fort Wayne to Lansing in Michigan. Then the road continues for another 20 kilometers to the Ohio border. US 6 in Ohio then continues towards Toledo.


US 6 was created in 1926 but did not pass through Indiana at the time. That happened in 1931 when the route was extended from Erie, Pennsylvania to Greeley, Colorado. US 6 was important for through traffic but avoided the larger towns of Indiana, especially the towns of Gary and South Bend and to a lesser extent Fort Wayne. The US 6 runs right between these cities. Partly because of this, no highway has been constructed directly parallel to US 6. In 1956, the Indiana Toll Road opened parallel to US 6. As a result, US 6 is a single-lane road outside the Chicago suburbs.

Traffic intensities

The double numbering with I-80 and I-94 is fairly busy with up to 146,000 vehicles. When US 6 turns off, 15,000 vehicles are still driving, but this drops to 8,000 vehicles in front of US 421 and 3,000 vehicles east of US 35. Further east, the road has 5,000 to 6,000 vehicles per day. About 4,200 vehicles cross the Ohio border every day.

Abraham Lincoln Bridge

Abraham Lincoln Bridge
Spans Ohio River
Lanes 1×6
Total length 761 meters
Main span 2 x 229 meters
Bridge deck height ? meter
Opening 06-12-2015
Traffic intensity
Location Map

The Abraham Lincoln Bridge is a cable- stayed bridge in the United States, located on the border of the states of Kentucky and Indiana. The bridge spans the Ohio River at Louisville and is part of Interstate 65.


The Abraham Lincoln Bridge is the east of two bridges from I-65 over the Ohio River near downtown Louisville and handles northbound traffic. The main bridge is 533 meters long, with two main spans of 229 meters. The bridge has three sets of I-shaped pylons, the middle one is 64 meters high, the outer ones are 38 meters high. The bridge has 6 lanes. The bridge is adjacent to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge which handles southbound traffic.


The original span of I-65 is the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge which opened on December 6, 1963. Due to the increasing traffic, it was decided to build a second span next to it.

The bridge was constructed between 2013 and 2015 and opened to traffic on December 6, 2015. The new bridge cost $203 million. In addition to the construction of the new bridge, the interchange between I-64, I-65 and I-71 in Louisville has also been reconstructed, and I-65 on the Indiana side has also been modified. After the opening of the new bridge, the old bridge from 1963 was adapted to a single direction with 6 lanes. Since then, the bridge connection over the Ohio River has had 2×6 lanes.


On November 30, 2015, the name of the bridge was announced, the Abraham Lincoln Bridge. The bridge is named after Abraham Lincoln (1809-1965) who was the 16th President of the United States. Its roots are in the two states that the bridge connects, Kentucky and Indiana.


The bridge is a toll road, with fully electronic toll collection with E-ZPass and license plate toll. The toll collection started on December 30, 2016.

US 6 in Indiana

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