UCSD Reviews (11)

UCSD Reviews (11)

Application process:

I would take care of a scholarship and student loan at an early stage, because the UCSD is quite expensive by German standards. I know from a friend that it is not difficult to get a scholarship. He was reimbursed for the entire tuition fee + 800 euros per month.

On the introductory day you will receive all important information about the university and contact persons.
Twice per quarter, an appointment is made with the contact person for all foreign students to report on current developments. If you have poor grades or difficulties, you can talk to all teachers or TA’s there! The relationship between professor and student is much more personal than in Germany.


The UCSD is a very renowned university and therefore relatively well known! However, as long as you are taking undergraduate courses, the level is not too high. It’s easier to get an “A” than in Germany. However, in most subjects you are required to do homework or projects, which are included in the grade. Oral participation also counts in smaller lectures such as Marketing in the Rady School of Management. Due to the self-work, 4 courses are completely sufficient to be busy and still have free time. Check toppharmacyschools to see more reviews from current students.

The courses at the Rady School of Management are highly recommended, as the lectures are manageable and there are also some interesting guest lectures.

In addition to the normal lectures, you can take part in the UCSD extension courses, through which you also receive your credits.

To be accepted as a full-time student at UCSD, you should have at least 12 credits. Most courses give 4 credits. However, if the number exceeds 12 credits, additional fees are due.

In order to get all the courses that you would like to have, you should reply to the e-mail that is sent to you before you start your trip in good time. There you can register for the course that interests you. And here it runs according to the motto: “First come, first served.” With the popular economic courses, course selection is now based on the same procedure and you no longer have to camp on campus in the middle of the night to attend a course come. An email will also be sent to you here during the orientation week.

At the university there are an incredible number of leisure and sports activities to use.

It can also happen that the university gives a concert at which, for us, relatively well-known stars such as “The Game” or “Pharrell” perform.

The campus is huge, almost like a small town.

There is also plenty to eat. In addition to the subway, you can buy food at Panda Express or Burger King and there is also its own supermarket and ticket sales.

Accommodation search:

You can definitely find accommodation at www.craigslist.org and a thousand other things that you need to live. I would post an ad myself and there will definitely be a few people to answer that. I found an apartment through Craigslist within 3 days.

However, I would try to move into a flat share with Americans, because otherwise you usually only have to deal with the other foreign students and you don’t get to know a lot of Americans!
If you want to live right in the party district, look for an apartment in Pacific Beach! There are only young people here and there is always something going on! However, La Jolla is closer to the university. There is no way I would move downtown. It’s too far from the university and there are also some freaks walking around there.

Leisure / excursion possibilities:

The weekend actually starts on Thursday!
In downtown there is a lot going on every day.
Pacific Beach is the right place if you want to go out to a bar in a relaxed way. Some of the bars also dance.
In downtown you go to clubs rather chic.

Good ways to get away:

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday – all tacos at a low price Fred’s or Typhoon in PB

Thursday: Moondoggies (PB), Bar West (PB), Wiskey Girls (Downtown)

Friday, Saturday: Stingerees (Downtown), Voyeur (Downtown), On Broadway (Downtown)

Sunday: Wave House (only in summer time, but really cool!)


At the university there are mostly students of Asian descent – around 40%. Most of the foreign students are Norwegians, but there are also a few Germans. In general, many Brazilians also study in San Diego.


  • to San Francisco via the 1
  • to Santa Barbara on Halloween
  • to LA
  • eat a frozen yogurt in Yogurtland !!
  • Buy or rent a car (you don’t get around much without a car!)


  • JIt’s best to have your passport with you everywhere – without a passport you can’t go to any club or bar and you can’t even buy beer in the supermarket
  • Beware of incorrect parking, especially at UCSD, or driving too fast – parking incorrectly is about $ 50, driving 20 miles too fast is about $ 250

I definitely wish you a lot of fun in San Diego! I can only recommend a semester abroad in San Diego, because it was one of my best times!

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