Toy Rental Service–a Great Option

The first time I heard of rent toys then I thought: what a great idea! Is the nature of the child get sick faster and toys there, are those objects with no use taking up space in our homes. Not to mention that often, spend small fortunes on toys that the child ends up not liking the fact. And there, wasted money that could be invested in something more useful.

For this, the perfect solution is the rent of toys. Instead of us buy something that may not please (I bought at least two expensive toys that didn’t pleased not to Leo and neither the Caê) or that will be used for a short time, is far more interesting, try and rent, then, if the child party, go with the toy and, when sick, swap it for another.

A company that provides this toy rental service in Sao Paulo, ABC and Osasco is the toy and Joke, I knew when I rented a few toys for 3-year-old party of Leo (below explain right this service is also known as Space Kids).

The Toy and games has more than 1000 toys (300 different models) that focuses on fun and stimulating the cognitive and motor development of children from 0 to 5 years. The service is online, through a site where the subscriber chooses the toy will receive within that month. The subscription plans range from 75 to 195 reais, and the Subscriber receives the toy in your residence, sanitized (cleaned with water, mild soap and alcohol 70%) and no shipping fee.

If the child receives a toy that you don’t like, you don’t have to finish the month with him. Just swap. In addition, there is no minimum contract. The customer may terminate the subscription to the service whenever you want.

I loved the idea because it is sustainable and smart. I don’t need to spend a fortune on toys that soon my little will get sick and let set down in the corner.

The toys of Toy and games are all of high quality, safe and of known brands. In addition, all are delivered with batteries charged, to ensure the comfort of the Subscriber.

And in addition to the toys, the Toy and games also has to rent strollers and car seats to baby, which is a great option for those who need these items for a short period of time.

And as I said, to Leo’s birthday we rented from them toys to assemble a space kids and I thought great this option. Received toys in great condition and very clean and the kids loved it and had fun with them (and safely). (See here the post the anniversary of Leo. It has pictures of the space kids)