Tours in Penang, Malaysia

Tours in Penang, Malaysia

Tour starts from the historic site – Fort Cornwallis. Francis Light landed here in 1786. Originally wooden, in 1804-05 it was rebuilt and replaced with stone buildings. And today the fort majestically rises above the sea, as if protecting the island from enemy attacks. Near the fort is City Hall, built in the late 19th century.

Next, you will follow the one built in 1821. Here you will find old photographs, ancient maps and other relics related to Penang’s past. Nearby is the Church of St. George, which was built in 1818. The main attraction of the cathedral is the painted dome dedicated to the memory of Francis Light.

Next you will see 2 mosques: the mosque of Captain Keling and the mosque of Achin Street. The Captain Keling Mosque is named after an Indian merchant and was built by the local ruler Mohouddin in the early 19th century. The Achin Street Mosque was built on land donated to the local ruler by Syed Aid of Aceh.

The duration of the tour is 4 hours, the walking part is 1 km.

Penang is famous for its Buddhist and Hindu temples.

At the Buddhist temple Wat Chayamangkalaram, built by a Thai architect, you can see the world’s third largest reclining Buddha statue, which is 33 meters long.

The famous Kek Lok Si temple is considered one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia and is a mixture of Chinese, Burmese and Thai architectural styles. Above the temple, built in 1890, rises a seven-tiered pagoda 30 meters long called Ban Po Tar.

The Temple of the Goddess of Mercy is considered the oldest temple in Penang. It was erected in 1800 and is a classic example of Chinese architecture of that time.

The snake temple was built in honor of the Buddhist monk Chor Su Kong. Poisonous snakes lie quietly around the altar and other objects in the temple, drugged by the smell of incense, and do not attack people. Vipers can be picked up, photographed for memory.

Sri Marriamman Temple was built in 1883 and is famous for its numerous statues of Indian deities, the most valuable of which is the statue of the god Subramaniam, decorated with gold, silver and precious stones.

Tour duration – 4-5 hours, temples should be entered without shoes

Discover Penang, the “Pearl of the Orient” – from its sandy beaches to picturesque villages and nostalgic George Town. The capital combines the best aspects of east and west, which are reflected in a charming collection of ancient exquisite buildings, each of which bears the stamp of the influence of different countries and their rich history. Attractions include: Batu Ferringhi (passing through), Teluk Bahang (passing through), Fisherman’s Village, Fruit Market (passing through), Malay Village, Serpent Temple, Penang Bridge (passing through) and George Town (passing through). If time permits, a visit to a local grocery outlet may be included. All entrance tickets are included in the price. Beginning at 9:00, average duration – 4 hours.

The Penang Hill Funicular, opened in 1923, has been providing service to Penang Hill for 88 years. The most recent renovation of the funicular has increased the number of passengers carried and the speed of the train.
Then you will visit one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia, Kek Lok Si Temple and the nearby turtle pond.
Attractions include Kek Lok Si Temple (including the inclined elevator to the statue of the Goddess of Mercy) and Turtle Pond, Penang Hill (including the funicular ride to the top of the mountain). All entrance tickets are included in the price. Beginning at 9:00, average duration – 4 hours.

On this day you can enjoy a romantic cycle rickshaw ride and a leisurely stroll through Georgetown. Look at the harmony in which a people with such a diverse culture can live.
Attractions include rickshaw ride to Cornwallis Fort (external view), Weld (Chew Pier), Khu Kong Si, Harmony Street, Little India (Mahamariamman Temple), Pinang Peranakan Mansion Museum and E&O Hotel. The price includes all entrance fees, cycle rickshaw ride and English afternoon tea.

Beginning at 9:00, average duration – 4 hours.

GEORGE TOWN NIGHT TOUR Tonight, experience
George Town like you never imagined it and dine at Penang’s one and only restaurant with breathtaking views of George Town’s night landscapes.
Attractions include Bayview Georgetown revolving restaurant and Penang Road cycle rickshaw ride. A cycle rickshaw ride and dinner are included in the price.

Check-out time – 18:00 (from beach hotels), 18:30 (from city hotels); average duration – 4 hours.

You have the opportunity to see the animals in all their natural grandeur. The zoo covers an area of ​​13.6 hectares, covered with rivers, lakes and lush vegetation. And it is also home to more than 180 animal species with a total of 1300 inhabitants, including: tigers, lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes, orangutans and others.

The price includes all entrance fees, round trip transfers and lunch.

Beginning at 9:00, average duration – 8 hours.

Penang, Malaysia

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