TouchPico Projector Converts the Wall to a Great Android Touch Screen

TouchPico with Android operating system transforms any surface into a giant 80-inch touch screen. And so can it run Android applications.

TouchPico was announced at this year’s CES, and last week launched their fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo. It is just as powerful as a mid-range Android phone and can basically transform any surface into a huge 80 inch display by means of a camera can respond to input from the user.

Already after a small week on IndieGoGo, the company has collected five times more than it needed to realize the project. TechCrunch has tested a model and tells, among other things, that it is surprisingly quick to register input made with the stylus, and that it could easily be able to follow the games such as Fruit Ninja or comic applications. 

However, had the little Android projects find it difficult to show the trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, even in in good conditions with very little light. A Powerpoint application from Google Play worked quite fine, albeit a little too slow compared to a computer connected to a traditional projector.

However, you can also do it with TouchPico, it has a HDMI input so that different devices can use it as a display.

TouchPico costs 350 dollars (button 2,000.0-NOK) under IndieGoGo campaign and $ 500 thereafter.