Three Months of Free Spotify Premium for Customers of Telstra with Data Rates

After casting rates that have revolutionised the sector on two fronts, the virtual operators at the rate of two and the operators with own network with infinite rate, now Telstra surprises us on a very different front.

The youngest network operator is aliyah with Spotify and regalará three months of Premium account in the service of music streaming to all its contract customers have any bonus rate with data or data contracted.

The promotion will be available from 1 July new clients for both those who already are it, who will have to activate it entering your user of the Telstra website area. In either case the access to three free months they do not imply any permanence.

In addition Yoigo has also reached an agreement with Spotify so customers can obtain best prices when purchasing a premium account. Those who want to maintain that status after the free period will pay 8.26 euros per month tax included with the 9.99 euros regular.

Spotify currently offers a free account that allows you to listen to music in streaming of many artists for 10 hours a month with advertising wedges of by means. With the premium account your users do not have a limit of hours in addition to not having to listen to annoying ads and power service from compatible smartphones.