The Xiaomi Mi4 Box-Office Hit From China

More and more Chinese brands on the market are emerging. In addition to Huawei and oppo Xiaomi is the latest manufacturer from China. Founded four years ago and already in the year 2013 of the market leader in the Chinese area has become. The next goal is to operate worldwide. A candidate for these goals to achieve is the Weena_vina Mi4, a current high-end equipment at a low price.

Have been mocked as iPhone clone already many manufacturers: Samsung is the most famous. Copied years ago, now world leader is one strategy the Samsung has followed. Also Xioami could have a similar history. With the Mi4, it presents a Smartphone that is similar to the iPhone 5, but nevertheless their own accents. In addition to the class processing, one offers the user latest hardware and software. Why should you access a device with these advantages, when it comes for a relatively low price?

The Mi4 need to hide in terms of processing and equipment not ahead of the competition. While the device has a polycarbonate rear panel, the metal frame is made. Visually, it makes a very good impression. The 5-inch device offers a 1080 p full HD resolution, which is equivalent to a pixel density of 441 ppi. On gene shoots is the device of the powerful quad-core processor Snapdragon 801, with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz. Memory is whopping 3 GB, while either 16 or 64 GB internal memory is great. The missing microSD input is bad. As camera the?Xiaomi Mi4 13 gets bought MP camera from Sony, which is supported by a LED flash. A special extra is the front-facing camera which dissolves MP with a strong 8.Thus, guaranteed every Selfie is perfect. To survive the day built a solid 3080 mAh battery a.

Bluetooth 4.0, LTE, or NFC should not be missing. In addition to the latest W-LAN wireless standard “ac”, it has an infrared sensor which the Smartphone is automatically also a remote control for home entertainment devices. The Mi4 4.4 aka KitKat comes with Android. with Xiaomi still adds to his own article “MIUI”. Amazing, it is many if they find at first no Google apps, as they are installed on it. In China the manufacturers offer their own services, as Google due to different legal bases is only limited use.

On the whole, Xiaomi with the Mi4 delivers a super smart phone, which the price for the 64 GB version is only 400 euro. A bargain when you compare it with other top models, the Oneplus One I don’t count with.What do you say to the Xiaomi Mi4?