The Panasonic CM1-Competition For Samsung And Nokia?

On the Fotokina in Cologne, Panasonic has introduced a new model in the camera/smartphone segment. The CM1 is advertised by Panasonic as a device that combines a compact camera photo quality with the advantages of a Smartphone. As a special feature the 1-inch image sensor is here to name a few.

Today’s smartphones can shoot relatively acceptable photos. For users who want to shoot better photos, the Lumia 1020 was presented by Nokia. Samsung followed up and presented this year from its Galaxy camera series Galaxy K zoom, which combines the advantages of an Android Smartphone with a compact camera. Now, Panasonic sets up and in turn presents a corresponding model. With a 1-inch image sensor it offers more than (0.43 inch) Samsung or Nokia (0.66 inches), which will ensure the perfect photos.

The Panasonic CM1 has more than just a large image sensor, which has an initial aperture of f/2.8. Images are shot with 20 megapixels and also RAW format can be saved. The lens is by Leica and has a fixed focal length of 28 mm. The rotating generic lipitor launch date lens ring, which allows to change the size of the aperture or ISO value offers a special feature. It is also possible 4K-Aufnahmen perform, then can be stored on one of up to 128 GB of large microSD card. Also a shutter release, as well as a slider for the open the camera app can be found.

As a Smartphone, the CM1 offers so much. As a processor the Snapdragon 801 with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz is used. 2 GB memory and a 16 GB great are internal memory on the Board. It lays emphasis on the latest Android software, namely Android KitKat. You install also a 4.7-inch full HD display, what ppi generates a pixel density of 468. In addition to LTE cat 4 and NFC, Bluetooth and GPS as wireless technologies located in the device. The battery amounts to 2600 mAh, which is relatively large. The Unit brings 204 grams and measures 135.4 x 68 x 15.2 mm. What do you think of the Panasonic CM1?