The New WebOS Road in The TV World Is Filtered

It was two years ago when it was announced opened WebOS open source. After that there was some crazily and finally LG bought it from HP with the purpose that WebOS was the operating system of your TV.

It has been a few months since this last and we don’t yet know nothing, although it appears that the wait won’t be long. The guys from @evleaks have leaked that they say is the first WebOS for LG TV, and where we can see how will be the interface. It remains to know its speed, experience and possibilities, but at first glance it looks good.

webOS TV, by LG, 2014 our site

— @evleaks (@evleaks) January 2, 2014

WebOS already we liked when we analyze the Palm Pre, and considered it as an operating system with great potential. Unfortunately the lack of devices, its price and the few existing applications by then led to HP and Palm to shelve the project.

Now LG takes it up and take you to the market throughout the 2014. Possibly in CES 2014 (7 to 11 January, Las Vegas) we see the first prototypes, and if it isn’t the week coming surely will have them in MWC 2014 (24-27 February, Barcelona). Many know, but with a fairly positive first impressions. I hope LG of the nail on the head.