The Galaxy SIII Screen Would Be HD 720 P with Super AMOLED Plus at 4.65 Inches, According to Daily Korean

Dozens are already rumors about the Galaxy SIII, but without a doubt the most interesting focus around your screen will look like. Screen that has today returned to fill the mouths of media, who would have already entered production.

And is that according to Korean newspaper DDaily, manufacturing of Galaxy SIII screens would have already begun and this being carried out by Samsung Mobile Display, the display manufacturer newly separated from Samsung.

Samsung Display and the best screen in the world

According to these rumors, the screen of the future Galaxy SIII, would surpass in quality to any seen before, since it It would be about 4.65 inches at HD (1280 × 720 p) resolution and Super Amoled Plus technology. If so, it would be the first screen without technology pentile technology OLED to achieve HD resolution.

Remember that the best display so far in this technology the Galaxy Nexus, that this Galaxy SIII is far takes her “ at the Plus ”, which implies largest number of sub-pixels per pixel, 2 to 3. Let us also remember that the Super AMOLED Plus technology is energetically more efficient than the Super AMOLED, so this also positively impact on the consumption of the smartphone.

Latest data, having this 316 ppi pixel density, very close to the Retina Display of the iPhone, which is situated in 326ppi. It is important to note that the Super AMOLED Plus has 3 sub-pixels per pixel, which talks about the true definition of the panels. You can find a better analysis of this feature on Engadget. By what would be, how true “ definition ” panels:


  • Galaxy Note: 1280 × 800 × 2 = 2.048.000 subpixel
  • Galaxy S II: 800 × 480 × 3 = 1,152,000 sub-pixels
  • Galaxy Nexus: 1280 × 720 × 2 = 1.843.200 sub-pixels
  • iPhone 4/4S: 960 × 640 × 3 = 1.843.200 sub-pixels
  • So-called Galaxy SIII: 1280 × 720 × 3 = 2.764.800 sub-pixels


That would give us a even higher than the Galaxy Note resolution in sub-pixels, Needless to say with respect to the current iPhone 4S. But as always, this is cabilaciones on lathe to some unconfirmed speculations, as it is usual before each release of large terminals.