The First Android Phones, Google Introduced in 2006 Are Made Public

The trial of Oracle and Google that it is celebrating these days is bringing to light very interesting data. Today, thanks to the documentation provided by Google to defend themselves in this case has made public the early designs of devices with Android.

Two designs of phones are treated with Android that Google had used in 2006 to show the advantages of Android operators, just two years before the first device Android, the T-Mobile G1, was a reality.

As we see the initial idea of Google was that the Android devices were very similar to Blackberrys with its QWERTY keyboard beneath its screen. Google described them as phones with a basic, customizable user interface, and which would require of unlimited data Flatrate.

It is said they were going to have ARMv9 processor 200 MHz, 64 MB RAM, card slot miniSD, camera 2 megapixels, Bluetooth 1.2, screen resolution QVGA, WiFi and GPS. Already had the Navigation Menu buttons, back and Home, and the touch screen was optional.

This type of design by Google is not a novelty, in November 2007 he presented a Blackberry type device to make the first demonstration of Android together with other fully touch device, to thus show the versatility of Android. In the following video you can see two prototypes running with Android.

The novelty is that it makes public in 2006 already I was working for Google in the design of their terminals with Android and presenting them to major American operators, until the iPhone was introduced in 2007.