The Desire of 820 Is a Strong Middle Class

Large display, good front-facing camera, bright colors and low price: The desire of 820 appeals to a young audience. The 64-bit processor can be used while still, in the test, it shows but other qualities.

HTC continues its middle class. The desire series is growing steadily, the 820 is the newest member of the family. It is the biggest desire model and the second 64-bit of the Taiwanese smart phone. This theoretical advantage can only be used with an update on Android Lollipop, but the unit also has other qualities.

The HTC design follows in the upper and middle class of a clear language of forms with high recognition value. So your stereo speakers with boom sound sound enhancement, can be found also in the desire of 820 above and below the display screen is covered by a wide black border. Unlike as in the one series with its aluminium sheet HTC opts for here but a two-tone plastic case that is slightly flexible, but is nevertheless stable.

The choice of material is a matter of taste, the smooth plastic is quickly greasy. The processing is but well done HTC, the two-tone housing is made of one piece. There are no wide column or inaccurate transitions, only the camera’s lens protrudes slightly. Accents are the colored borders around the camera, the on switch, the volume buttons and the micro-USB slot. In addition to the blue and white color combination, there is still a white grey and a dark grey version with grey accents for the German market.

Multimedia Centre

The housing is comfortable flat with less than 8 millimeters, but it is unsuitable for the one handed operation. A special one hand mode as Samsung’s Galaxy rated 4 or the iPhone 6 plus is missing, the bold border around the display makes the Phablet larger than necessary. The screen itself is but really good, in the direct visual comparison with the iPhone 6 plus he is only minimally darker and despite the relatively low pixel density of 267 ppi still sufficiently sharp. Colour reproduction, contrast and viewing angle stability are excellent for a mid-range device.

It is also important, because the desire of 820 is ideal for multimedia applications. Smartphone Games are fun, control with both thumbs, still have enough screen space remains free. Videos can be comfortably viewed even if the low resolution crisp sharpness sometimes takes the picture. For the speakers give a clear sound, which is significantly fuller than other smartphones that have the speaker at the bottom or on the back.

The processor shows hardly any weaknesses in the test, even if he can only exploit its full potential with Android 5 lollipop. Currently runs the desire of 820 with Android 4.4.4, and which does not support the 64-bit technology yet. The Snapdragon 615 but even so proves powerful and inaugural-happy. Apps are quickly started quickly processed inputs, juddering or interruptions do not occur for more sophisticated games. Under load, the desire is however very quickly, very warm, which can be uncomfortable especially when longer phases of the game.

Performance With Smears

With the UI sense 6 is used almost the same software as the HTC one, are missing opportunities to the gesture control. The camera app eye experience is slightly slimmed down and less extra modes than in the premium class, she succeeded nevertheless. All recording parameters can be set manually for example and saved as a custom camera profile. The camera software characterized with functions such as “Face morphing”, where two faces one can be put together, in addition.

The image quality is average to good. The software can not so good deal with extreme brightness differences, in bad light, the autofocus works slightly sluggish. Compared to other smartphones in its price class, the 820 but desire can convince in conjunction with the software and it provides a good overall package for photo enthusiasts many filters and settings. The battery life is in the midfield, with 2600 mAh reaches a full charge for an average day of use. Activated power saving mode is still something to get more, in case of emergency, the extreme energy-saving mode, introduced with the HTC one (M8), tickles the last reserves of the battery. Many players should be careful though: a few minutes intense gaming impact significantly on the runtime.

Who can live with the limitations and looking for a cheap Smart phone with contemporary furnishings and a large display, might be happy with the desire of 820. It supports all commonly used in Germany LTE networks, the voice quality is good, the internal memory can be expanded via microSD. With the upper class of HTC’s has some characteristics in common, but the somewhat low display resolution, extra features are unavailable, the strong heat development and the less quality materials make the difference. In its price range of around 300 euros it is still among the best smart phones beyond the 5-inch mark.