The Blue Bag of the Ikea Has a Twin Brother

Do you know the blue IKEA bag that costs 70 cents? Now imagine a designer version at about 2000 euros.

The  Balenciaga  created a top bag or bag that closely resembles the famous and practical blue bag purchases of  IKEA. The couture brand has produced the Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag, a large-sized suitcase but instead of costing the 70 cents of the IKEA plastic bag costs a little more: about 2000 euros.


Apparently, the bags are very similar: both are blue, have two pairs of handles of different sizes, and the very similar structure is large enough to carry clothing and accessories for a 15-day vacation. However, there are also big differences: the IKEA bag is made from recycled plastic while the Balenciaga bag is made of genuine leather; The other big difference is in the price-one costs 2000 euros more than the other.

Interviewed by the Huffington Post, IKEA officials said they were quite flattered that Balenciaga produced a suitcase that shares some similarities with its environmentally-friendly blue bag, adding that it’s really hard to beat the versatility of a good Blue bag

Balenciaga has not yet made any kind of comment about the similarities of the two bags. Around here, we think that this is not the first time that a blue bag has to speak and that, for that reason, one can guess-perhaps-some success for the quality product of Balenciaga.

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