Test: a Great Compact is that It Lacks a Wide-Angle

Quality, performance and ergonomics are there, but it lacks a true Wideangle for such a price.

Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS: the promise

Days pass, the weeks pass, the seasons and the Ixus is renewed. Similarly immutable, the renewal of the high-end compact cameras from Canon is every time an attempt to develop a flagship device while maintaining its strengths. The Ixus 100 IS is a grown up good?

Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS: reality

But what is Canon with the wide-angle?

We particularly liked this device, but are directly pointing the flaw: its optical range. Okay, okay, there a zoom x 3 there or Panasonic with its FX-40 poster x 5. Past yet. But increasingly it pays to ‘luxury’ to not offer a worthy of this name – 33 mm wide-angle here or the FX-40 display 25 mm with a low distortion! -It’s for a great like Canon, really infuriating. No, it does not condemn the device, but it’s a fault of taste. Instead of putting this as accurate as an American air strike useless viewfinder during the Bosnian war, Canon should push its R & D to implement a wide angle in its small compact. Panasonic does so well, a big name like Canon Optics expected power, too!

Test a Great Compact is that It Lacks a Wide-Angle 1

Beautiful colors, good response: the naked photos

Loyal to its family, this Ixus 100 IS it does not default: it turns relatively fast (barely one second), is quick in his actions, has a flattering screen, and above all, delivers nice pictures. What is the most important! The colors are fairly well respected, the sharpness of the lens is rather good, detailed images and noise in dark areas of content. In low light the table is a little more nuanced, digital noise control up to 400 ISO is visibly deteriorating at ISO 800. But it is the case of all compact camera, and Canon hoisted its 100 IS in the head of the Pack in terms of quality.

Test a Great Compact is that It Lacks a Wide-Angle 2

HDMI part

This small compact welcomes a mini-HDMI output and it should be welcomed. The standard develops on all televisions and number of computer screens – despite the timid arrival of Display Port – and it is nice to find the plug on public large electronic devices. Canon does not provide cable, but at least is the mini-HDMI standard and not owner. Side video, we take advantage of the 720 p (1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second) unit, which without entering the annals of the AFN – we can’t wait to test the Panasonic TZ7 AVCHD compression – is far superior to the old mode of VGA (640 x 480 pixels) of yesteryear.

Test a Great Compact is that It Lacks a Wide-Angle 3