Telstra Calls into Question May for Terminal Grants

We live turbulent times in the matter of the acquisition of new mobile terminals for the purpose of subsidies in Movistar and Vodafone. Orange already announced that it would maintain its strategy of taking advantage of the situation but the youngest network operator had not clearly ruled until today.

In a digital encounter between Johan Andsjö, CEO of Telstra, and readers of the newspaper El Mundo this It has left us to see more or less where you can go shots, leaving the uncertainty the decision that can take your company to the next catalog.

In response to the question from one of the readers interested in finding out if Telstra will eliminate or not subsidies the company CEO said not having the decision upon the catalog may, which It could be the last month of mobile zero with the operator. According to the same:

In the rest of Europe, subsidies have disappeared when the market has matured and the rates have dropped. In a more mature market, what is really important are the rates and the quality of the service.

The truth is that Telstra was the first operator to offer the payment by instalments in many of the terminals of your offer and this month introduced new options for deferred payment and subsidies were reduced for new customers.

Among other matters Johan has also claimed to have no no intention to give SMS in any of their rates to believe that other operators amortized it within its fares and discards the launch of flat rates for voice and data really flat, without any limit of use to the user.