TeliTec: New MVNO with Calls to 7 Cents/Min and 0 Cents between Customers

Another twin brother Hits Mobile and Midas Mobile coming to the Spanish market aimed at immigrants but with national rates quite competitive despite not adding anything new in comparison with her sisters.

TeliTec is an MVNO with coverage Vodafone to be initially only available in prepaid card and or fees is not bound to a minimum monthly consumption. Your one-time fee for portability is 7 cents/minute to any national destination and to new high of 15 cents per minute.

As a promotion for those who make portability in may, calls between clients (TeliTec, Midas and Hits) will be to 0 cents per minute forever and they will be limited to 10 minutes per call, 60 minutes a day and 500 minutes a month. If any of these limits he billed 10 cents/minute.

The messages will have a cost of 13 cents/SMS and 30 cents/MMS while the establishment of national call is 35 cents from 15 cents and the international.

The price of all cards SIM will be 12 euros and will include 12 euros of balance more 5 euros for customers who make portability. For more information, customer numbers are: 965-743-473 and 902-889-070.