Technological Knowledge Is Highest During Adolescence

A British study shows that most of the technology in everyday life, when one is 16 years old.

If we are to believe a British study, so it is with to find a 16-year-old to ask, if you have a question about technology. For it is there, we know the most about the technology that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

Although the survey is carried out in the United Kingdom, it is a country which is not far from our own, and there will be some exciting, interesting or disturbing trends, depending on how you look at it.

For example, the report concludes that today’s 6-year-old has the same understanding of communications technology as 45-year-old.

The men in the United Kingdom is also more confident when it comes to technology, where a third of the men in the study scores above average, where only 22 percent of women.

And then there is a part of the British, there perhaps is a bit cocky. In any case, more than half said in the survey that they knew much about the smartphone and tablet apps, but half of them, 47 percent said that they had never heard of Snap chat, which was an example of a popular kommunikationsapp.