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Best Travel Time and Climate for Jamaica and Suriname

Best Travel Time and Climate for Jamaica and Suriname

According to militarynous, Jamaica is located in the Caribbean and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. The island state is the third largest island in the Greater Antilles and it is located below Cuba.

The northeast trade wind shapes Jamaica’s tropical climate. In May and June and from September to November there are two distinct rainy seasons . During this time, severe storms and hurricanes can occur.

Jamaica is geologically very interesting. The mountain range in the middle of the island is 2,000 meters high and has deep valleys and caves with underground rivers. There are places where the mountains drop steeply almost 500 meters. Many animal and plant species can only be found in Jamaica. There are a multitude of tropical birds and, due to the many caves, numerous different bat species. The Jamaican giant swallowtail can be found in the rainforest. The knight butterfly is considered to be one of the largest butterflies in the world.

Best travel time for Jamaica

The best time to travel to Jamaica is from October to mid-December . After the end of the Caribbean hurricane season, temperatures rise significantly. Then there is nice weather on the island (all year round 23-28 ° C) and it is easiest to find hotel and flight offers. The prices are also cheap in summer, but then the risk of ending up in the hurricane season increases. The main travel season is between January and March, when room prices in some hotels can rise sharply. If you’re looking to save money and avoid the crowds, this is the time of year that you shouldn’t plan for.

From April to June the average temperatures are 23-27 ° C, but the weather can be a bit rainy. Golf courses and beaches are relatively quiet, and some hotels have fantastic offers in spring. Jamaica should be avoided from July to September, as many hotels and attractions close due to the rainfall.

Best travel time for Suriname

Suriname is the smallest South American country and, in addition to 11 different languages, has a tropical climate with two dry seasons from August to November and February to mid-April and two rainy seasons from mid-April to mid-August and November to mid-February.

However, this information can vary, although Suriname has relatively clearly defined seasons. So it can rain during the dry season and sometimes there is no rain during the rainy season. The climate is humid all year round, so a high-quality, lightweight rain jacket and light clothing when packing for the trip are a must.

In principle, Suriname can be visited all year round, but you should definitely consider the seasons. The best time to travel to Suriname is the dry season ( August to November and February to mid-April ), it is the most pleasant time of the year.

A visit to the popular Brownsberg Nature Reserve above the Brokopondo Reservoir and Central Suriname Nature Reserve are mandatory for all Suriname visitors. The nature reserves are best visited in the dry season, when there is no rain to spoil the joy.

Lying above the equator, Suriname has warm and humid weather with an average temperature of 27 ° C. The climate is strongly influenced by precipitation and humidity. All year round, visitors can expect sunshine in abundance and the temperature practically never exceeds 32 ° C. As already mentioned above, the year is divided into wet and dry seasons, the former being between the months of April to August and November to mid-February and sometimes resulting in considerable rainfall. The dry season is the optimal time to visit the country.

The maximum temperature in Suriname is 33 ° C in October. In January, February and March the thermometer rises to a maximum of 29 ° C. The summer (June to September) with average 31 ° C hot . In the winter months it is around 30 ° C very warm . During the day, the annual mean temperature in Suriname is a hot 30.6 ° C.

At night it gets coldest at 22 ° C. While the nights in summer are averages of pleasantly warm 23 ° C, the thermometer drops to a pleasantly warm 22 ° C between November and March. The temperature at night averages a pleasant 22.7 ° C throughout the year.

With 23 rainy days, May and June are the rainiest months of the year. The September and October are with 9 days of rain, the driest months of the year . From June to September Suriname is humid with an average of around 17 rainy days each, the winter (November to March) is relatively humid with 15 rainy days. An annual average of 15.8 days of rain falls per month.

Best travel time for Suriname