Tablets Make Their Foray in the NFL

Part of Microsoft’s deal with the National Football League means that all teams will have Microsoft’s tablets with him on the sidelines.

There is a lot of money and much exposure in American football, and for this reason, Microsoft has entered into an agreement with the NFL, the greatest American League, which among other things means that all teams will have 13 Surface Pro 2-tablets on the sidelines during the fighting in order to test the technology of.

There is talk about some special copies of the Surface Pro 2, which can only display images, as the teams’ photographers take immediately before and after the ball is initiated. This happened earlier at the black & white images, which first had to be printed lipitor generic kremers before they could be reviewed and analyzed by coaches and players.

Now, they can be sent wirelessly to the teams’ tablets, however, have gotten the cameras blocked to avoid scams, and by doing so can the teams start the analysis of the opponent significantly earlier.

It is the League’s head office, which store these tablets, so no one has the opportunity to tinker with the software. In addition, they are wrapped in a thick cover, so they can withstand the upheavals that are part of the sport.

The first time Microsoft’s tablets were in use by the sidelines was in the first warm-up match Monday night as the New York Giants won 17-13 over the Buffalo Bills.