Swarovski And Samsung – Cooperation Getting Stronger

Samsung and Swarovski take a joint approach. Lovers of Swarovski stones must refrain in future the Smartphone or wearables no longer. A range of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as for the gear should fit under the name of “Swarovski for Samsung” will be available.This series is extended by the Smartwatch gear.

Several times, there was a certain cover for Samsung devices, which was occupied with Swarovski stones.This time it’s the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the gear fit, “embellished”. In addition, it was announced that also the gear will be taken S in the program. There is another strategy, the flagship together with the gear fit and personalize the gear S. On the basis of the different accessories, you can see that here is the personalization of the devices in the foreground.

For the Samsung Galaxy S5 2 backs are offered. The colors “Vibrant Blue” and “Mystic Black” are available for the Galaxy S5. There should be various flip cover with peace or heart motifs. Also the Galaxy Gear Fit gets numerous extensions. This charm on the bracelet can be fastened in the form of “Charms”. The Swarovski crystals directly into the bracelet will be placed at the upcoming Smartwatch Gear S. In the first photo, it is to see in the white version with Golden stones. Another planned version with Swarovski crystals will be note 4 the Galaxy today.

It should only be available in Korea and China. From the 22nd, it should be to buy in the online store in the UK. How it looks with Germany, was not yet announced. The accessories will be available in Samsung stores. We show you some of these “charms”. What do you think? Are you ready to embellish your mobile devices?