Study North America Regional Studies Abroad

Study North America Regional Studies Abroad

America – that sounds like freedom and space, like road trips through red desert landscapes, and hustle and bustle in megacities like NYC. America is also reminiscent of the pristine forests of the Rocky Mountains, of cowboys and cheerleaders of Cola, hip-hop and Hollywood.

In fact, since the end of World War II, hardly any other culture has influenced us as much as the American one. Politically and economically, too, the United States of America remains a superpower where opinions are divided.

The northern neighbor of the USA is no less interesting: Canada , the second largest country in the world , fascinates with its untouched nature and its ethnic diversity. Reasons enough to take a closer look at the continent of North America during your studies.

The degree course

According to, courses in the field of regional studies in North America are primarily devoted to the USA and Canada, with individual universities setting different accents. The subject, also known as North American Studies, often exists as part of a two-subject bachelor’s degree . There, the students take a further subject such as economics or political science and give the course a further content orientation.

Differences to American studies

The North American Regional Studies course is made up of many different disciplines . The students deal with the language , literature and culture of the USA and Canada. In contrast to the American studies course , topics such as politics, economics, geography or law are also dealt with, although the individual universities weight these differently.

The Bachelor at a glance

At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree, students take introductory courses that deal with the history , culture and politics of North America. There are also practical language courses in which they practice their oral and written English. In the following semesters there is the opportunity to specialize in individual subject areas. Depending on the research focus of the university, there are areas such as

  • American literature
  • History
  • Film and media studies
  • Cultural history.

The seminars are just as diverse as the focus areas . They deal with topics such as the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, American literature of the 19th century or the American road movie.

The master at a glance

Anyone looking for managerial positions in business or an academic career has the option of completing a master’s degree after completing their bachelor’s degree. The master’s programs offer the opportunity to deal more intensively with a specific region or topic. Depending on the university, specializations such as gender studies or early American studies are available.

Prior technical knowledge

Many courses in the area of ​​regional studies in North America are internationally oriented. At least some of the seminars are held in English. Good to very good knowledge of English is therefore essential at the start of your studies . Some universities require knowledge of another foreign language. In addition, applicants should be interested in historical, political and social contexts.

Areas of application for North American specialists

North American Regional Studies programs are not focused on a specific occupational field . It is therefore advisable to do internships during your studies in order to get a taste of individual fields of work and to gain practical experience. The minor subject is also decisive for the later career choice.

With the second subject in political science, students increase their chances of finding a position in the foreign service , with an international organization or NGO or as a political advisor .

Anyone who has chosen a cultural or social science subject as a second subject will later have the opportunity to find a job in the large area of media work . The following professional fields come into question:

  • Publishing
  • Museums
  • Cultural management
  • Journalism
  • Advertising and PR .

Graduates with a focus on economics work, for example, in the management of companies related to North America. Further fields of work for graduates are tourism and adult education . Master’s graduates can also pursue a doctoral degree and an academic career.

Plus points from stays abroad

One to two semesters in the USA or Canada are compulsory for students studying North American Studies. On site they have the chance to get to know the culture and society of the countries firsthand . Other study contents at the American university expand the scientific profile and are also interesting in the context of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

In addition, the students have the opportunity to build up a network of international contacts that can prove to be helpful in their later professional life. Your English skills will perfect themselves as if by themselves.

Study North America Regional Studies

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