Study Medical Technology Abroad

Study Medical Technology Abroad

Implants, hearing aids, wheelchairs, pacemakers – medical technology products can save lives or at least noticeably improve the quality of life. Due to the growing proportion of older people in our population, growing health awareness and technical progress, medical technology is becoming more and more important.

What is medical technology about?

Medical technology is one of the most important and most innovative industries in Germany . Robotic minimally invasive surgeries and tiny electronic implants that monitor healing processes are two examples of the ingenuity of medical technicians. For the development of this medical technology, a well-founded knowledge in the fields of engineering and medicine is necessary.

What are the requirements?

According to, the medical technology subject is available at a large number of universities and technical colleges. Prospective students bring at best a soft spot for the natural sciences , computer science and mathematics , as well as a technical understanding and tinkering joy bring. Qualities such as teamwork and communication skills are also required in later professional life.

Course content of the undergraduate course in medical technology

The medical technology course combines engineering content with knowledge from the fields of medicine and computer science. The bachelor’s degree begins with the necessary scientific basics as in all engineering courses. Physics , chemistry , mathematics and computer science are on the schedule .

There are also engineering subjects such as materials engineering or mechatronics . Basic medical training includes subjects such as anatomy or neuroscience. In the higher semesters, students learn to build medical devices . The development of software and work using computer programs. The curriculum is rounded off by subjects such as ethics, law or business administration .

In the master’s degree

The Master can be followed by the Bachelor. This serves to deepen the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor’s degree and prepares you for management tasks or a scientific career. Most master’s degree programs offer the opportunity to specialize in , for example, medical electrical engineering or optics and imaging. In-depth topics such as management , business administration and ethics are also on the program.

Career prospects for medical technicians

Since medical technology is currently one of the most important branches of industry, the career prospects for graduates are excellent. Most jobs are in the medical technology industry , where medical technicians in research laboratories develop new medical devices, processes, and software. State and private research institutes and universities offer additional jobs in the field of research and development.

In addition, medical technicians work for example for clinics and medical laboratories . You will be involved in planning and setting up, installing medical devices and systems and taking care of their maintenance. Other fields of work in the private sector are, for example, quality assurance, consulting or marketing and sales.

Study medical technology internationally

Many of the medical devices manufactured in Germany are intended for export. It is therefore not uncommon for medical technicians to work in an international environment and to communicate with colleagues, doctors and business partners from all over the world. Much of the relevant specialist literature is also written in English.

Medical technicians should therefore also be able to speak English or other foreign languages ​​and be able to communicate across cultural differences. Nowhere do you learn this as well as during a longer study visit, which can be easily integrated into your studies as part of one or more semesters abroad.

Study Medical Technology

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