Study in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (7)

Study in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (7)


If you decide to do a semester abroad, there are almost endless possibilities where you can do it. My choice fell on Spain and ultimately on Barcelona, ​​which I can really recommend to everyone. In addition to Barcelona, ​​Paris and Madrid were also shortlisted, but these were dropped due to the limited number of students. For this reason, I finally applied for a semester abroad in Barcelona at the UAB.

When the decision was made that I would like to do my semester abroad in Barcelona, the preparations for this somewhat exciting phase of life began. MicroEDU took over the organization and was the contact person for questions about the application and communication with the UAB. The registration process was very smooth and went without any major problems.

After the registration was carried out and the tuition fees paid, there was not much more organizational work to do. Only health insurance, credit card, identity card and possibly the international accident protection were checked again for validity. Then it was time to book a flight and find an apartment.

Finding accommodation in Barcelona

The finding accommodation in Barcelona is very difficult and the opinions on this are very different. The on-site search offers a number of possibilities, but the online search should not be underestimated either. If you take care of yourself on site and arrange a viewing, then you can spot any damage / fraudsters directly and decide against the apartment.

I found and booked my apartment together with my girlfriend through the agency SH Barcelona. Real estate agencies do have service fees, but they are very professional and provide good service and support. Our apartment was really very clean, nicely decorated and well located in the Eixample district.

Studied at the UAB

Studies at the UAB essentially consist of lectures, group work and presentations. The different courses, which were chosen in advance, bring interesting topics, but also a lot of work with them. However, the workload differs from course to course. Read more student reviews on Ehuacom.

The course selection at the UAB in Barcelona was already made with the binding registration at the university. The available courses with course descriptions could be accessed and compared via the university’s website. After consulting with the course director in Heidenheim, I decided on the courses in International Finance, International Business and International Economics. The courses were recorded and confirmed with the learning agreement.

With the beginning of the stay abroad, the division of the courses, the introduction by the head of the program and the handover of the timetables followed. The briefing was structured and without any further problems. The courses started the same week. In summary, the courses chosen were very structured, interesting and demanded high standards. I liked International Business best. This subject will be particularly helpful for my later work, as we have covered basic concepts and strategies that explain international cooperation between companies.

During the four months there were various offers of the UAB for cultural exchange and leisure activities together with Spanish students of the UAB. There was also the opportunity to attend lectures and meetings with entrepreneurs and business people from Barcelona. In general, the support from the host university was really very good. The administrators’ office was manned around the clock and they were available to answer any questions.


Life outside of university in Barcelona mainly took place on the beach, in the great squares, in small bars and cafes. Barcelona has a lot to offer here and it never gets boring. Street festivals, open-air concerts, watching sunsets – in Barcelona you feel like you’re on vacation.

In addition to Barcelona, ​​Spain also has other beautiful cities and landscapes to offer. During my stay I visited Madrid, Seville, Sitges and the mountains around Montserrat, the largest mountain in Catalonia. If the urge to travel is even greater, there are other destinations in Spain available.

The relaxed Spanish way of life is particularly noticeable in everyday life. Compared to the German attitude, it is very different and very challenging in some life situations. But in general the Spaniards, and especially the Catalans, are friendly people.


The study abroad should generate new ways of thinking and approaches to problems and general international experience for me. These goals were met in each case. Studying abroad was a great experience and helped me advance as a person. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to break out of their usual comfort zone. Because only then can you have these experiences.

The experience abroad also helps me academically and adds an international aspect to my studies so far. Personally, I also appreciate my decision to go abroad. Another good foundation stone has been laid for my further professional and academic development.

Study in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 7

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