Study in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1)

Study in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1)

Everyone is talking about Barcelona and rightly so! If you are toying with the idea of ​​spending a semester abroad in one of the hippest metropolises in Europe, then now is exactly the right time to lose yourself in the pulsating nightlife of Barcelona and explore the endless cultural offerings of one of the most traditional cities in Spain. Even if that might sound more like an advertising slogan to you, it is exactly what Barcelona can offer you. In the following experience report, I would like to tell you in chronological order about my semester abroad in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful adventures I have been able to experience so far.

1. Application

The university of my choice was the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. A friend had previously completed his semester abroad at this university and in order to avoid possible surprises regarding the degree of difficulty of the courses, I followed his course advice. The application process is very simple and seems more of a formality. However, it is crucial to choose your courses wisely, as changing courses at a later date is possible but can only be done for academic reasons. In addition, there is a no refund policy if you should decide that you no longer want to take a course. MicroEDU also guides you through the entire application process very wellso that you submit all documents correctly and on time.

2. Choice of subjects

In retrospect, it is very important to first go deeper into your choice of subjects and ask yourself what you expect from your semester abroad in terms of free time, academic challenges and grades. Since this semester was my last semester of study, I had to pass 4 subjects of 6 CP, possibly with very good grades, but at the same time I wanted to experience as much Barcelona as possible. Read more student reviews on Toppharmacyschools.

In general, it applies to all subjects that, in principle, all German students were of the opinion that the material taught was easier than at their home universities. I think that this feeling is mainly due to a different exam structure. In contrast to German universities, where you are always tested for the entire material at the end of a semester in business courses, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona tests are carried out at very regular intervals. Subjects such as international business and doing business in emerging markets have a clear focus on homeworks such as analyzing newspaper articles.

Every 1-2 weeks there is a small test and a lot of homework plus 1 large exam per month. Subjects such as International Economics, on the other hand, are tested in 3 large exams, which are then much more demanding, but are more reminiscent of the German examination system. Nevertheless , all lecturers are friendly to you and are interested in ensuring that you get the best possible grades if you submit and edit everything.

Another special feature is that all subjects require compulsory attendance, which can take some getting used to for German students, as the lessons are more reminiscent of school than university. In each subject, there is a fixed number of absent hours, which triggers a worsening of the final grade, and a number that automatically leads to a failure of the course. The former is determined by the respective professor, the latter by the university itself.

One course that I would like to highlight at this point is International Marketing. The lecturer is also the owner of her own marketing agency and designs really extraordinary lessons. During the semester you slip into the role of a marketing agency, which is confronted with various problems and then pitches solution concepts or marketing campaigns to its clients. Most of the customers are real companies. In our case, our pitches were rated by Louis Vuitton, Shang Xia and Habitat Barcelona, ​​among others. The main objective of the course is to develop the ability to recognize opportunities in a creative way and, above all, to become very confident in presenting. The course is very labor-intensive, but incredibly interesting and productive for anyone who wants to gain an insight into practical marketing.

3. Finding accommodation

The campus is located in the beautiful Eixample district, right in the city center. Make sure to include this in your apartment planning! After a long night, you will definitely look forward to a short distance to the university the next day. The best parts of the city are: Barrio Gotico, Raval and el Born, which together make up the Ciutat Vella. Eixample is also nice but further away from the beach, but close to the university. In the districts mentioned above, the rent for a room in a shared apartment is between € 380 and € 550. This is very expensive, but you will be able to experience almost everything, because everything from clubs, bars, restaurants to museums and the beach to shopping streets is right in front of your nose. Apartments in Barcelona are quickly taken, so it is necessary to be there in order to be able to take spontaneous viewing appointments.

I arrived 1 week before the start of university and stayed in a great hostel called Hostal paraiso in Raval. From here you look for an apartment via the Idealista platform. Ideally, prepare a universal personal request and set up a notification ticker so that you are informed about every new advertisement that goes online and meets your criteria. Experience has shown that you have a time window of approx. 2 days from publication until the shared apartment has made a selection, so you don’t have to contact old advertisements.

4. The first day

Here, the UAB reveals a real shortcoming, which has led to great irritation among the students. There is an information event on the first day, but no introductory activities. So if you don’t already start with well-known fellow students at UAB, you should make as many contacts as possible during the short time window before and after the introductory event. But do not worry, everyone is looking for a connection, which is why you can approach all other students without further ado !

5. The semester (university)

In terms of support , the UAB is really exemplary. A contact person will always be available to assist you with any questions that may arise. The online system is very simple and you can always get an overview of the number of hours you have missed and your current grades. In addition, all course materials are also made available via the online portal. The UAB puts together an all-round carefree package for you.

6. The semester (free time)

Barcelona has it all. The nightlife exists 7 days a week without exception. There is a festival every weekend in summer. Be sure to go to the Brunch im Park Events! The city is a stronghold of jazz, every evening you will find at least 5 bars where concerts take place. There are more museums in Barcelona than you can explore during your semester abroad. I’ve been around a lot but the choice of restaurants and bars is absolutely breathtaking. Go in search of the secret bar in the secret bar, which can be entered through a refrigerator in a Pastrami restaurant! And be sure to stop by the oldest bar in Barcelona and drink an absinthe. Rent a car or a scooter to explore the truly must-see places around Barcelona! Especially the beaches of the Costa Brava are amazing. I could continue the recommendations endlessly at this point, but your stay will be absolutely individual in one way or another and the only important thing here is the certainty that Barcelona will certainly not disappoint you.


Both in terms of university and the adventures you have experienced, Barcelona is simply a dream. The freedom to do so many things every day is just breathtaking. The university is not cheap, but it offers a setting in which you can get really good grades while you fully immerse yourself in life in Barcelona.

Study in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 1

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