Straight Out of the Ritual:Boot

In “straight” Ritual of today, let’s talk about an item indispensable in autumn/winter wardrobe of fashionistas, the boot.

The boots first appeared with strategic purpose of war, used because of your resistance, aiming to protect the feet of the soldiers. Later, came to prominence in the punk movement around the years 70, was an item considered to be more aggressive and exclusive of that subculture. Subsequently, the footwear was modernized and fell into the “Thanks” of the fashioners and fashion fans. He became a versatile item, is found in several colors and materials, can be accompanied by pants, skirts, shorts and dresses with matching various styles. With your, my and, of course, with the Ritual.

The Ritual super joins this trend makes women beautiful stylish and full of attitude.

So, how about meet the models that the brand offers, as well as your suggestions to look? You can find something you like!

Have a floral dress that’s doing a big success on Ritual and super well with the boots and with Franklin. The suggestion posted in instagram look of the brand, it is combined with a light wash denim shirt. A blast isn’t it?

For the lovers of t-shirts, shoes fall super well too, giving a more casual air. And if it is accompanied by a poodle skirts, even better!

And for those who do not give up the jeans, the brand also has suggestion of look! Here the key item appears along with a short shorts jeans, a dress that can be worn open as a maxi shirt and a cropped Black Lace. Divine right?

Also have time for the earth tones that are mega high now, on suggestion of the Ritual, the boot appears combined with the blazer and with Franklin of earthy tones.

To close the suggestions of looks today, the Ritual suggests a look more cute. Combining the caramel with the Navy, the boot appears with blouse fabric balloon and frill on manguinha, accompanied with a flared skirt and a belt caramel, leaving the more delicate.

And you know those boots up there, on the cover of the post? That red and mustard? They are super stylish and perfect for those who like to dare in visual. And are also found in Ritual.

And then, like it?

Ensure your boots in one of our stores in São Paulo. Or better yet, make your request online! And no doubt, “yells” a help there in the online chat that we come “running” to help you!