State Route 71 and 8 in Nebraska

State Route 71 and 8 in Nebraska

State Route 71 in Nebraska

Get started Kimball
End Crawford
Length 167 mi
Length 269 ​​km




South Dakota

According to ablogtophone, State Route 71 or Highway 71 is a state route in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The road forms a north-south route through the west of the state, from the Colorado state border near Kimball through Scottsbluff to the South Dakota border north of Crawford. Highway 71 is 269 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The 2×2 Highway 71 between Kimball and Scottsbluff.

Highway 71 is a continuation of State Route 71 in Colorado that comes from Brush and runs north over the barren High Plains and connects to Interstate 80 at the town of Kimball. There is a bypass around Kimball, and Highway 71 is a 2×2 divided highway from Kimball to Scottsbluff. South of Scottsbluff the road leads through a low ridge. Scottsbluff is the largest town on the route and has an east and north bypass. On the northern bypass, Highway 71 with US 26 is double-numbered.

North of Scottbluff, Highway 71 runs mostly through sparsely populated rangeland. There are only a few hamlets on the route and the village of Crawford. From Scottbluff the road first heads north for 45 kilometers before bending east. After 30 kilometers, Highway 71 turns north again at an intersection with Highway 2. Highway 2 and 71 are then double-numbered for the rest of the route. The road then leads through an area of ​​low hills with some wooded slopes in the otherwise barren undulating landscape. In Crawford you cross the US 20. North of Crawford it then takes another 45 kilometers before the border with the state of South Dakotareached, but the road no longer leads through other villages. There are some badlands and barren steppe. One then reaches the border with South Dakota, after which State Route 71 in South Dakota continues to Hot Springs.


The number Highway 71 has been used several times in history. In 1921, highways in Nebraska were first numbered when Highway 71 was assigned an east-west route from North Platte to Lexington. This was historically one of the main roads in Nebraska. Later this became US 30. In 1925, Nebraska’s highway network was renumbered, with Highway 71 being assigned to a one-mile route from the Kansas border to Haigler. This was a continuation of State Route 27 in Kansas. Circa 1957, this was renumbered Highway 27 to join the Kansas track.

In about 1963, Highway 71 was assigned a third time, on its current route from the Colorado border at Kimball through Scottsbluff and Crawford to the South Dakota border. This created a long route in Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota that shared one common number, Highway 71. The section between Kimball and Scottsbluff, in particular, was an important route to the North Platte River valley around Scottsbluff. In 1991 this section was designated as part of the Heartland Expressway. The widening of Highway 71 between Kimball and Scottsbluff began in the late 1990s, which was largely completed by 2005. The road was widened to a 2×2 divided highwaywith level crossings. Later, the Kimball bypass was built, which opened on October 4, 2011.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 800 vehicles drive along the Colorado border and 2,000 to 3,000 vehicles on the 2×2 section between Kimball and Scottsbluff. This increases to a maximum of 10,000 vehicles on the double-numbered US 26 on the north side of Scottsbluff. North of Scottsbluff, intensities quickly drop from 1,800 to 700 vehicles, holding steady on a long stretch all the way to Crawford. North of Crawford there are only 200 vehicles per day.

State Route 8 in Nebraska

Get started Superior
End Falls City
Length 149 mi
Length 240 km






Pawnee City

du Bois


Falls City

According to beautyphoon, State Route 8, also known as Highway 8 is a state route in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The road forms a fairly long east-west route through the extreme south of the state, from Superior through Fairbury to Falls City, parallel to the border with Kansas. Highway 8 is 150 miles long.

Travel directions

State Route 8 near Falls City.

Highway 8 runs from west to east through 6 counties bordering Kansas . The road begins in Superior on Highway 14 and heads east across the Great Plains, endless agricultural plains. Most places on the route are very small and in many cases are slightly set back from the road, reducing the number of village passages. Halfway through the route, you pass through the small town of Fairbury and the terminus is Falls City, the largest town in southeastern Nebraska. It crosses several north-south US Highways, such as US 73, US 75, US 77 and US 81. Highway 8 jumps several times in the grid to the north and south. The entire route is a two-lane road. The border with the state of Kansas is never more than 15 kilometers from Highway 8.


Highway 8 was not one of the original state highways of 1921, but was introduced with the major renumbering of 1925, and was originally a long diagonal route from Spencer to Omaha in northeastern Nebraska. The US Highways were introduced in Nebraska in 1926 and the route has been double numbered for some time with US 281 between Spencer and O’Neill and US 275 between O’Neill and Fremont. Highway 8 was scrapped in 1957 due to the long double numbering, the section between Fremont and Omaha has been unnumbered ever since.

In 1960, the current Highway 8 was assigned. At the time, the route varied from a gravel road to a gravel road with chipseal pavement so that it was dust-free. The road almost never had a full asphalt pavement. Later the road was paved.

Traffic intensities

Highway 8 is a very quiet road. On many sections, no more than 400 to 800 vehicles per day, with occasional routes with just over 1,000 vehicles per day. The busiest section of Highway 8 is just east of Fairbury with 2,100 vehicles per day.

State Route 8 in Nebraska

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