Sony Xperia Z2 Survive the Depths of the Sea

It is waterproof, but it is nevertheless quite impressive what a Swedish copy of Sony’s flagship has done.

One of the great things about Sony Xperia Z2 is that it is water resistant and approved to withstand 1.5 meters fresh water for up to 30 minutes. In Sweden have Alexander Maxéns copy done anything more than that.

He was out at sea with a friend, when he lost his Sony Xperia Z2 in the water in a place where the depth was 10 meters. One of his friends was unable to dive at the same place six weeks after, and here he found Maxéns phone. And it still worked.

Good enough was going to the right home and charged up, and it had gotten some rough and tumble, but since there had come the power on, started it up, as it should, and it could even call up.

Sony will probably not change on Xperia Z2s IP58-approval, but that is not necessarily a death sentence, if one were to let the phone lying in the water a little longer than the half hour.