Sony Xperia Z Starts Its Upgrade to Android 4.2.2 Officially

It has taken more than expected, but the Sony Xperia Z, current top of the Japanese firm, is finally starting to receive the latest flavor of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.2, and does so by keeping the general lines which had already shown previously.

It is of the compilation 10.3. a. 0.423, later the 10.3. a. 0.407 which was certified two weeks ago and leaked in xda-developers, and that it was fully functional. Therefore, we assume that the differences between them are regional or dark, improvements in overall performance or correction of bugs.

In this version you will find the customizable lock screens with widgets, but keeping the effect characteristic of Sony shutter. However, we lose the second curtain of shortcuts for Android 4.2, thing that Sony is already implemented in the first shade of notifications. Now these accesses since notifications are fully customizable to two rows of 5 buttons each.

Also, improvements are received as Daydream, native connectivity with the PlayStation 3 gamepad, aesthetic improvements in multi-tasking and the small apps Manager, and on the screen of welcome and introduction of PIN.

In addition, notification and navigation bars are now semi-transparent and conform to the content that displays the screen, and there is also a new feature of ascending ringtone.

It is by checking the performance, both in performance and in consumption, although it seems that the camera remains very slow to access it and we have noticed a greater requirement of RAM for the operating system, around about 100 MB.

To update, simply connect the terminal to PC Companion and check for updates. What are your experiences with 4.2.2 Android Xperia z?