Snap Seed Gets Big Update: Can Give Super Photos

The popular billedredigeringsapp can now get the very best out of your device’s camera.

More and more mobile phones featuring the Advanced RAW-function, which allows you to get the very best out of your mobile camera.

Raw files corresponds to a digital negative, which contains far more information than the typike JPG files as a mobile takes photos in. It gives you ample opportunity to change the essential parameters such as white balance, image noise, sharpening and more-after the picture is taken.

To process these files on the phone, however, is not entirely unproblematic, where the solutions so far either have been expensive, complicated or dull.

It makes Google, with their free billedredigeringsapp Snap seed for Android, as from version 2.1 will be able to read and post-process the digital super photos. It writes our site.

You can download the Snap seed for Android here. Version 2.1 is not available all the site yet, but will probably come in the next few days or weeks. Want you to side-load the application, this can be downloaded here.

See if your mobile supports super photos

It is far from all smartphones that can record in the Advanced RAW format, but you have acquired yourself a top-Android through the last year, there is a good chance that your phone supports this feature:

The following Android phones supports RAW footage:

  • Google Nexus 5, 6, 5 x, 6 p
  • OnePlus One, 2
  • LG G4
  • Htc One M9, A9
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, Note 5