Shelves – Where to Put and How to Decorate? – 2nd Part

I really get excited talking about shelves, so after the first part, where I showed some places where a shelf can exist in a house (everything is a place, is not it?) And the functions it can have, now I’ll give some tips for That you decorate your shelf without it being “heavy” in the environment-something that can always happen if we are not careful – and add beauty to the decor.

If the shelf is not all life close, you can make an arrangement with depth and interest, like this one: there are books-these arranged in a staircase – and a comic strip is part of it, and on the front are cute and light objects that attract attention. Just do not overdo it.

Note the diversity in this detail of the shelf: Some niches with few decorative objects, others filled with books, others with a single book and still others with nothing but drawings in the background (you can put wallpaper, fabric, stickers…following craftinlearning) Makes the shelf interesting and nothing cheesy. Works great for shelves with niches in different sizes like this.、

Do you have many books? One possibility is to choose (or have to make) a shelf that fades from the normal, like this, every “pie”. The interest stays in the format and decreases the weight sensation of the books.

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If the shelf is a narrow, decorative and partition type, place beautiful decorative objects in colors that harmonize or contrast with the decor of the room – in the case above, the objects are all dark to draw attention to in the light environment. Again, leave empty spaces so you do not “pollute”. If the intention is to increase the privacy of the room in a hall for example, place the objects strategically-More objects or higher objects in that area that you want to protect from the view of others, you see?

If the idea is to draw attention to the shelf itself, as in these 2 cases above, choose discrete objects so as not to divide attention.

Here’s the same situation: The shelf, its shape and color, is the focal point. So, let it shine!

And we always have to pay attention when bookshelves are in places of passage (or within reach of children): Avoid objects that can cause accidents, fall, break, anyway.

I suggest that thin and heavy weight shelves, like these, do not have many large objects. The free areas are important to give harmony, maintaining the lightness of the whole.

On this shelf, the same situation, in addition to the fact that the material does not seem to bear much weight: Lightweight shelf, be light with content too!

Now, if you have a lot to store and/or want to reduce the work of keeping every object on the shelf clean or does not support seeing so much of it exposed, nothing better to choose or have to make shelves with some closed niches that may or may not allow Things to be seen.

So choose the shelf and its organization and decoration according to your purpose, function, position and model of the furniture, what you have to store and your personal taste. For a little while, you’ll find the ideal shape. And of course, you can test and change as much as you want!