Sending the Cover Letter

Sending the Cover Letter

The positive impression the cover letter leaves may be diluted if the letter is not distributed properly.

As a general guideline, correspondence with companies should always be on quality paper and mailed through the postal service. Exceptions include:

  • The recruiter has posted a job in eRecruiting (covered in orientation), in which case you upload the resume and cover letter.
  • The recruiter has left insufficient time to mail the cover letter and resume.
  • The recruiter requests it by email. If sending by email, unless the recruiter specifies otherwise, attach both the resume and cover letter (MS Word documents) so that the recruiter can print it off cleanly.
  • The recruiter requests it through some other media.

Key Points

  • The Cover Letter makes a customized match between your resume and the job description.
  • The Cover Letter focuses on what you can do for the company (skills).
  • The Cover Letter must be properly formatted.
  • The Cover Letter must be sent however the recruiter desires.
  • DO NOT use the same cover letter for all jobs, even if they have similar duties.
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