Save Smart Band and FitBit away with a Single App [Tip]

There are other options to keep track of activity than a bracelet that chatting with the phone, for it can clear it yourself.

If you don’t want to go out and spend money to acquire a smartwatch or smart band, but you still would like to be able to see how far you have walked and cycled during the day, then worry not, because there are alternative solutions.

The vast majority of smartphones have a lot of sensors that can do the job, and the app Moves, which is available for both Android and iOS, is an excellent tool to keep track of it all.

Moves is quite free, and you can use it to see how far you have cycled to work, or where long run in the forest was, completely without having to mount something on your wrist.

One of the things that makes Moves to a good solution is that it can feel, when it runs, bikes and go, and therefore it is not necessary to fish your phone out of your pocket to tell it that now I’m so hopped on the bike. It happens automatically.

It is easy to predict the day’s activities and get an overview of the week’s bike rides, so we know whether we have reached the kilometers, one would like to.

There is sometimes some skæverter, where you suddenly bikes in bird flight through the city, but generally Moves quite reliable and an excellent alternative.

The app is always active, and therefore uses the same telephone also more power, but on the other hand, one should not keep a dedicated aktivitetstracker charged, there should just be power on the phone.

Moves can be downloaded to, as I said, both Android and iOS.