Samsung’s Leadership Position Threatened

In two major markets, Samsung is no longer the greatest, as local brands have taken over for Koreans.

China and India account for a large proportion of the world’s population with a total of over 2 billion people, and that is why it is bad news for Samsung when they lose market shares in these two countries, as they have done recently.

In China, Samsung has been overtaken by Chinese Xiaomi, which has received 14 percent of the Chinese smartphone market. Samsung is in India has been overtaken by Micromax, who is also a local company that is behind 16.6 percent of all mobile phones in the country.

Samsung is still greatest in smartphones in India, where one stands for 25.3 percent of the smart phones, but here, too, are approaching the Micromax.

The trend is in itself bad news for Samsung, but there must be, that Google will launch Android One up, which should give the less wealthy buyers the option of a proper Android smartphone, and Micromax is one of Google’s first partners in the project.

Even though Samsung worldwide still stands for the vast majority of selling smartphones with just over one in four, then also in the global market decline for Koreans.