Samsung Publishes a Video on The Event May 3 Unpacking

Yesterday we saw how from Samsung increased the hype about the next Galaxy terminal with a mysterious countdown to give “ the next step & #8221; towards the next smartphone Galaxy flag. As well, just getting to zero.

A few minutes before the countdown reached zero, Samsung has disabled the lock on the page that solved the game of letters:our site. In it you can see a very humorous, and Galactic video which you can see below and even in 3D, where finally not shown anything about the next Galaxy.

In the video, which is the continuation of this one linking to the page, talks about the integration of technology into real life, where we can finally see what may be in a mocking tone, which will come with technology adapted to all users.

“ Really intelligent technology becomes a natural part of life. Where galaxies fit perfectly in your hand. Your view of the world is becoming wider. And you get the power to explore freely and quickly. With technology that fits easily, you can now differentiate of … any other.

What do they say to you these words? Can this be a nod to the 3D, or completely touch panels? No one knows, although no doubt they want to make it sound, and with fame that have not cost them anything. With this technology “ really intelligent ” those sheep have perhaps were referred to other more fruit companies. Must be borne in mind that all the hype being created can be them against it, since people may be waiting for more of the real.

“ A whole new world will soon be unpacked ” (a whole new world is soon unpacking) by what may perhaps present storage service in the cloud, that either could be called S-Cloud, which we told you about the other day or could be another system of integration of the phone with other devices. ¿What do you think, a part of the free publicity on everyone’s lips?