Samsung Plotting to Snigløbe Apple

The eternal war between Samsung and Apple may yet another facet, as rumors say, Galaxy Note 4 comes before the iPhone 6.

The background is admittedly not the greatest, but nevertheless, the circumstantial evidence is not to be mistaken. A Samsung-employed in the United States has been told that they must not be allowed to take vacation during the IFA, but also the period 15. to 28.September, and speculation to take off.

This could mean that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 coming on the street 15. September, and therefore, all employees be available.

The fact that employees should not take to the warm countries in a period of time, does not of course mean that automatically gets a new top model, but the surrounding conditions also plays into.

Samsung has already Samsung Galaxy Alpha waiting in the wings, a phone with 4.7 “screen and iPhone-like Visual traits. About a week before Apple is expected to present strong iPhone 6 stops Samsung Unpacked where 5.7 “large Galaxy Note 4 almost certainly coming.

Apple, by contrast, is expected to present both a 4.7″ and 5.5” iPhone 6 on 9 September and send them in trade around the 19. September. Samsung has the ability to send two directly competing phones on the street shortly before the Apple.

Nothing is safe, but there is a part that points toward that Samsung and Apple will get yet another direct encounter on not so long.