Samsung Improves Security with The New Kernel Exynos for The S4 Galaxy

“Samsung block access root in its S4 Galaxy”, that was incumbent that caused so much commotion in the Android community, and reason take their information did not justify so much drama.

It is clear that it was not a common movement at Samsung, which has always been one of the most environmentally-friendly manufacturers with the Android community and the development of the scene, so some explanation had to be in so severe security enhancements introduced in the new kernel Exynos for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It all started after pointing out AndeiLux, a famous developer at xda-developers, the new feature in the new kernel Exynos CONFIGSECRESTRICT_SETUID. This functionality helps to avoid that the processes hazardous as malware or exploits from accessing user switching normal root.

However, although this feature if prevents access to the root, it is not enough to avoid that who wish to unlock the root, so the alarm it is clear that it was not justified.

The own AndreiLux indicated that a kernel still custom installation allows to keep the root the Samsung Galaxy S4, so CONFIGSECRESTRICT_SETUID functionality only serves to enhance the safety, avoiding that a malicious application can obtain root access in a way easy through any exploit as the famous bug in the Exynos.

Install a kernel with Bluetooth function turned off will keep our chances of access root intact, so Samsung is covered behind protecting the average user and It gives the choice to the advanced user to change security for freedom without that can then complain of security problems.

Something very understandable seen security issues found in recent times and knowing that Samsung sells today both among advanced users and between users means, which shall not modify its terminal and will gain in protection.