Samsung Galaxy SIII: Have The Silhouette and The First Direct Official Data of The User Manual

It was obvious that it was going to happen, and it is that when we are close the presentation of a new device, the rumors and all the machinery of seepage fires. Samsung is not going to be less with its Galaxy SIII, and continues with the intensive increase of activated hype.

If yesterday we saw the device in Kies and yesterday their first benchmarks, today we bring you some more juicy, and is, apparently, the image you see header would be directly extracted from the user Manual, with the silhouette and the formal specifications device.

As we see, the new Samsung Galaxy SIII It would be highly stylized, with a slender body, chaired by a large screen, and the corners redondeandas. The design of the Samsung line would remain physical middle button that Koreans have endeavored to use as a hallmark of the Galaxy line.

The screen, that it has become the workhorse of all manufacturers, would grow up to the 4.8 inch, and you read well, it would grow, while the size of the Galaxy Nexus with 4.65 inches is already high.

The camera would be of 8 megapixel camera with generic lipitor or autofocus and LED flash, and confirmed the Quad-core processor, that as we know will be a Samsung Exynos 4212, which can reach a speed of clock 1.5 GHz.

To emphasize it seems that Samsung will finally include a LED notifications, that he would be in the top left and would be similar to the Sony Xperia S. And also the RGB color sensor that it be mounted, even though we do not know for which aspects will be used.

On paper, a product that is not surprising but that provides an update of guarantees on the Samsung Galaxy SII, which has been and still is a best selling device.

We only have to wait a week, until next Thursday, so Samsung finally teach us your new device, and although it is sure that we will continue with the rumor mill machinery enabled, the truth is that every time all the information will synchronize to a device with very good though conservative features, that it will probably be the Android smartphone reference for many months.

And now that the data are beginning to be credible & #8230; Do you what you expect?