Places to Visit in Riga

Places to Visit in Riga

Latvia – the country in the center of the Baltic States! Because the country is largely forested moraine hill country, it offers many opportunities for hikers. Latvia also has access to the Baltic Sea, where numerous bathing and health resorts await. Do not miss the old Hanseatic city of Riga. During a walk through the capital of Latvia you will discover the Petri Church, the House of the Blackheads, the Baroque Rundale Palace near Bauska and in the New Town you can admire the numerous Art Nouveau houses such as the TV tower, the Palace of Culture and Science or the Central Market. Do not forget the cities of Dünaburg, Libau or Mitau. You will be amazed by a tour of Latvia! Visit thedressexplorer for Top 10 Sights in Latvia.

Riga Cathedral

Cathedral Church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia

Riga Cathedral is a church in Latvia’s capital, Riga. As the cathedral of the Evangelical or Lutheran Church of Latvia, it is the largest church in the Baltic States. The Riga Cathedral was built on the orders of the first Riga Bishop Albert von Buxthoeven. In 1226 it was finished to the point that a synod with William of Modena as the Pope’s legacy could take place in it. For 300 years, the Riga Cathedral was the cathedral of the Riga diocese. The date of consecration of the church could not yet be determined because it has not been recorded.

History and Development

In 1563, with the collapse of Old Livonia in the Livonian War, Riga was also the first Catholic archbishopric to perish. From then on, the Riga Cathedral served the German-speaking, Evangelical-Lutheran population. From 1959 to 1962 the cathedral served as a concert hall. The church and monastery originally stood on a hill outside the city walls. Today it is below the level of the streets because they were piled up several times to reduce the risk of flooding by the river Daugava. The original structure of the cathedral is hardly recognizable today due to multiple, not to be underestimated conversions.

Style and design

The oldest components of the Riga Cathedral are the choir and transept. The nave impresses with its pointed arches, the pillars of which are adorned by pillars with capitals. The cloister in the southern part of the cathedral also dates from Bishop Albert’s time. The north portal, on the other hand, is of Gothic origin. The tower with its height of 90 meters impresses with its design in the baroque style. In 1524, the original design of the church fell victim to the Reformation attackers. In 1547 the fire in the cathedral did the rest. Today the interior of the Riga Cathedral is baroque to mannerist. The baroque carvings on the wooden pulpit, the memorial stone of the small guilds from the 19th century and the grave of Meinhard, the first Livonian bishop, are particularly worth seeing. Another special feature of the Riga Cathedral is its bell made of dawn,

Art Nouveau district in Riga

Art Nouveau architecture is omnipresent in the Latvian capital Riga. Some buildings are witnesses of this art-historical epoch, which was built around the turn of the century (19th to 20th century). The wonderfully decorated facades are magnificent and attract the eyes of the visitors. The historic center of Riga has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Sights in Riga’s Art Nouveau district

Riga is one of the few cities in Europe in which numerous buildings, design objects and art nouveau art have been preserved. Around 800 buildings have been built here in Art Nouveau style. These are especially located in the center of the city, mostly on Albert Straße (Alberta iela). Other beautiful buildings in Art Nouveau style are, for example, on Elisabeth Strasse (Elizabetes iela).

There is also a museum on Albertstrasse that is entirely dedicated to Art Nouveau. The Art Nouveau Museum is in an apartment where Konstantīns Pēkšēns lived until 1907. The well-known architect designed some buildings in Riga – also in the Art Nouveau style. This also includes the building in which he himself lived. In the museum, visitors can see objects from that period. Here you will find, among other things, a fireplace room, a dining room and a bedroom. In addition, the guests of the museum have the opportunity to try on women’s and men’s hats from the Art Nouveau period and to take photos.

Travel to the Art Nouveau district in Riga

Study trips to Riga in Latvia are not only fascinating for those interested in art, but also for everyone who would like to get an impression of the splendid era of Art Nouveau and see the imposing capital of Latvia by the sea.

Places to Visit in Riga

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