Places to Visit in Amiens, France

Places to Visit in Amiens, France

The fascinating city of Amiens is located in the north of France, about one hundred and twenty kilometers from Paris. The city was first called Samarobriva by the Gauls and then Ambianum by the Romans. In any case, today’s Amiens can be called the new top of city trips in our opinion. In addition to an extensive range of shops, there is plenty of culture to sniff, you can enjoy delicious food and fun events are regularly organized. As part of Unesco World Heritage, there are impressive buildings to visit such as Notre-Dame de Amiens and the belfry. And during the night of Amien’s ‘Nuit Blanche’, there are all kinds of stages where you can be treated to drama, music and dance performances. This cultural event is very popular in the region and certainly among the inhabitants of Amiens. But the flea and antique markets on the Avenue du General Foy are also popular. People from all over the region and far beyond come together and there is soon a pleasant bustle. When the lights come on in the evening, Amiens comes into full bloom. An experience that you should definitely not miss.

Top 10 Things to Do in Amiens

#1. Amiens Cathedral
According to HEALTHKNOWING.COM, Notre-Dame de Armiens is the jewel of the city. The Gothic building was built in the thirteenth century and has since been called the largest Gothic cathedral in France. Over the years there have been a number of extensions and adjustments, such as the second gallery between the towers on the front facade. The visible highlights of Amiens Cathedral include the magnificent floor, nave, statues by André Beaunevau, the tombs of Bishops Geoffroy d’Eu and Évrard de Fouilloy, and the Baroque pulpit. Of course there are many more wonderful details to discover. As part of Unesco World Heritage, you should not miss a visit to this impressive cathedral of Amiens.

#2. Musée de Picardie
The impressive art museum of Amiens is housed in a beautiful old building, whose architectural style can be described as ‘second empire’. This architectural style was mainly used during the second half of the nineteenth century. Inaugurated in 1867, the museum has a variety of art on display from different centuries. The archeology department is located in the basement of the museum. Here you’ll find parts of Roman murals found at Pompei, fifth-century jewelry and even a mummy. The Musee de Picardie is a priceless museum and very special inside and out.

#3. La Maison de Jules Verne
The acclaimed writer Jules Verne was a famous resident of Amiens. With titles such as ‘Cinq semaines en balloon’ five weeks in a balloon and ‘Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours’ a journey around the world in eighty days, he managed to win over many fans. His stories and the vision of the future stated in them are remarkable. Some of these were read as fantasy at the time, but have recently actually happened. Because of this, he is also considered a future predictor. The house in which he and his wife Honorine settled around 1882 is now an open museum. Here you get a clear picture of his life and his passions.

#4. Hortillonnages
The area called in Amiens les Hortillonnages is a kind of floating garden. Within this part of Amiens people used to be supplied with fruit and vegetables. Goods were traded via boats and there was a lot of trade. Every year in June, the traditional clothing is taken out of the closet and the market looks like centuries ago. By taking a trip through the more than sixty-five kilometers of canals, you can explore the Hortillonnages d’Amiens, which counts more than three hundred hectares, with a boat. The flora and fauna within this nature reserve are an experience in itself.

#5. Cimetiere de la Madeleine
This Amiens cemetery is located outside the city center. Cimetière de la Madeleine was inaugurated around 1817 and has since had quite a few prominent names on graves. The grave of the famous resident of Amiens, Jules Verne, can also be found here. You will also find military graves of soldiers who fell during the bombing of the Second World War. Other famous or influential persons buried here are Jean-Baptiste Dijon, Georges Guittet, Pierre Lefort, Rene Daveluy and Charles Gabriel Vérecque. The wooded area and the fauna present within this hilly area give you the feeling of being in a park.

#6. Parc du Grand Marais
This park of more than twenty-two hectares is located in the west of Amiens. This beloved park is frequently used by walkers, skaters and sportsmen. This Parc du Grand Marais and accompanying playground are also popular for a family picnic. The present water and the accompanying bridges provide romantic pictures.

#7. Le Grand Parc Naturel de la Préhistoire Samara
In addition to the botanical garden of Amiens, the historic park of Samara also contains a piece of history. By means of various reconstructions, an attempt has been made to reflect different episodes from the past. There are old houses to visit, old crafts are performed and some archaeological findings are exhibited. This lively museum and park is a lot of fun and educational to visit. In the accompanying arboretum, various tree species can be discovered, such as the ginkgo.

#8. Saint Leu
This part of the city is affectionately referred to as the Venice of Amiens. The many canals containing the River Somme soon provide the resemblance. The area is popular for visiting art galleries, bookshops, antique dealers and the cozy terraces. On Saturdays there is a water market to visit. You have to get out of bed early for this, because this is only in the morning.

#9. Zoo d’Amiens Amiens
Zoo is located on the Esplanade Hotoie, just outside the city center. The six-hectare park has about sixty different animal species. The park was established in 1952 and slowly the animal species have been expanded. Today you will find sea lions, cranes, penguins, wolves, zebras, elephants, iguanas and monkeys.

#10. Christmas market
All of France and the surrounding area flock to Amiens’ Christmas market ‘Les Parfums d’hiver, le marche de Noël d’Amiens’. Absolutely everything is being pulled out for this grand event. For no less than five weeks, the city center will be filled with the most beautiful Christmas decorations, cozy stalls, all kinds of delicacies and, above all, conviviality. The city with all its lights can be admired in a unique way from the Ferris wheel. Even the cathedral is decked out in a matching fashion.

Amiens, France

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