Pepephone Returns to Improve Their Rates of Connection to Internet

If Vodafone has just announced some improvements in their rates for mobile internet on prepaid, we now learn that PepePhone, one of the MVNO that uses the same coverage, does the same from August joining July improvements.

Now it is the turn to the most basic data bonus the operator and in addition to lower its price to more than half from 15 to 7 euros per month, improves the amount of megabytes included going from 200 to 300 MB. And for those who generate more data, 3GB bonus will be available for 25 euros, both in form of contract.

Although the bond is directed mainly used to internet from the mobile itself with data consumption low, exceeded the monthly limit, will be able to sail at a price of 3 cents/MB (as opposed to the 9 cents that charged so far).

Highlight that PepePhone is a good choice for those who need mobile limitless speed broadband in no time reduces it as in other operators to 128 Kbps or less. Speed will always vary the network among other factors although it can be achieved with PepePhone a maximum of 7.2 Mbps.