Pepephone Relaunches Its without Call Set-Up Fee

The last month of October Pepephone launched a promo without call set-up fee in response to the launched at that time by Eroski mobile that only be able to recruit during that month.

Now Pepephone relaunches this rate with some improvements that will be automatically applied already had that and that in addition it can hire all the contract customers whether they are new or the current which must apply for it in attention to customer.

The new rates are of 14 cents per minute 13 cents per minute without establishment call and 9 cents/SMS available only through the portal Movilonia as we have grinding and not as initially reported in this post. If your calls tend to last longer than 2 minutes and a half, will leaving you more cost-effective to hire another Pepephone rate with a price of 6 cents per minute more 15 cents of establishment which remains available for Contracting.